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January 26, 2010

Adherence to Sales Process Drops, With Negative Results

More interesting insights from CSO Insights' Sales Performance Optimization 2009 Survey:

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I was surprised by the fact that 62% of all companies surveyed have a random or informal sales process! The CSO Insights Report points out that, in fact, year over year, companies using formal or dynamic processes have decreased, and that loss was converted to increases in informal processes.

Why does all this matter? Well, businesses that have implemented more formal or dynamic sales processes have:

  • higher conversion rates throughout the sales cycle,
  • better predictive ability to forecast, and
  • better ability to adapt quickly to changes in the marketplace (e.g., recessions)
Clearly, it takes much more discipline and rigor to implement and maintain formal sales processes than not (I know because I watch my friends in Sales here at Glance do the hard, sometimes tedious, work of maintaining our formal process!) But it's worth it. In difficult times, sticking to formal sales processes can give you a significant competitive edge.

A few resources on sales processes, to get you started:

And of course, my own plug: Make every conversation count, throughout your sales process -- Try Glance, the only screen-sharing tool built for sales pros, free for 7 days...

-- Carla Gates, Director, Marketing

November 24, 2009

The 10 Commandments of Sales

I  was having one of those unsure moments the other day, and found  myself in that one and only place where you can can go for guidance and direction, a place which is visited by millions seeking help, the place of light, wanting to repent, looking for the answers that no one seemingly can provide, that’s right...I was at Barnes and Noble.

Specifically, I found myself in the isle which contained “Sales and Marketing Guidance”.  I spent the better part of an hour browsing the labels of literally hundreds of books:“Sales Closing for Dummies”, “How I raised myself from Failure to Success in Selling”, “Soar Despite Your Dodo Sales Manager” et al.  It wasn’t until I actually opened a book and began the forward, which started with the words: “With more then a decade of Sales Success...”  did I realize that I must be a fool.  

As I drove home I thought about my two decades of selling Enterprise Software, and now here at Glance Networks, and wondered if asked, what omnipresent knowledge would I divulge?  With that...my 10 Sales Commandments, from yours truly:  

  1. No means no: If asked for concessions, or about features, or about anything to which you know the answer is no, then that’s the answer; “sorry no”.
  2. Less is More: The Japanese culture says that the quietest man is the wisest.  Think about this the next time you are in a meeting of any sort.
  3. Question Questions: There’s more to every question than meets the eye: never answer a question at face value. Always clarify the question, no matter how simple: “hmm, interesting, why do you ask?”, learn this technique and see your conversations change.
  4. Call BS: if you think clients are “full of it”; call them out early and often, it may be hard at first, but it will save you from chasing bogus deals. 
  5. Deal with Power: do what you need to, be courteous to evaluators, but make it clear to them that nothing can happen until executives meet and agree.  If they say no, then there is no deal in the first place, and if there is, you’re not getting it!
  6. Go GQ (or Vogue): Stay in shape, wear a nice watch and own several pair of expensive shoes.  No one, including IT guys, wants to do business with a slob.
  7. Lose the PowerPoint: if you know your stuff, grab a whiteboard and a marker; roll up your sleeves and engage in a valuable give and take conversation. Or an online interactive demo. This will go miles beyond every cookie cutter Sales Team that follows  your pitch.
  8. Get Over Yourself: if there is a deal on the table (especially these days), don’t bicker with the client, and more importantly don’t bicker internally; get over yourselves and just get the deal done. If you don’t, your competitor will.
  9. Get Personal: It’s impossible to completely understand your customer if you are only meeting in a cube, office or conference room. People get personal with Sales Professionals that they trust and are going to do business with. Get them out for dinner lunch, coffee, or whatever you can.  If they refuse, be worried. 
  10. Don’t Be Yourself: If you are an abrasive person, or shy person, or overly aggressive, or have bad breath, or love to wear too much cologne; or hate to close, or can't demo, or you shake hands like a dead fish, are unorganized, perpetually late...whatever your weaknesses; identify them, own up, and then commit yourself to correcting them.
-- Tom Scontras, VP Sales and Marketing

March 24, 2009

Directory Solutions Group Finds The Perfect One-Click Solution For Software Demos On The Fly.

If you were in the market for directory solutions software like rDirectory or SimpleSync, would you rather sit through a one-size -fits-all automated presentation on the manufacturer's web site...OR experience a one-on-one, personalized web demo conducted by a value-added reseller (and software guru), in real time? Watch the video!

Most of us would choose the latter – and that's exactly what Jerry Welch is offering his customers, with the help of Glance.

For years Jerry's been presenting software products on the fly with Glance's one-click screen sharing, and increasing his bottom line in the process.

Jerry points out in this new video testimonial how "it's nice to have a client on the phone and say ' would you like to take a look.' They ask when I can schedule a presentation, and I typically say how about right now?"

How about right now, indeed. That's Glance in a nutshell!

And with the recent addition of reverse screen sharing, Jerry can view and control his products on his client's desktop. "It just became even that much more valuable," he explains.

And you just became more valuable to us, Jerry! That's why we're giving you three months of FREE Glance service – that's a $150 value – in exchange for your simple video posted to our Glance Lights, Camera, Savings page on Youtube.

Same goes for anyone reading this – post your simple video right now and save big on the tool that's changing the way smart companies do business around the world.

If anyone's interested in rDirectory or SimpleSync, please contact Jerry for a presentation. Chances are it'll also be a great way to see Glance in action.

Thanks Jerry!

February 27, 2009

Business Intelligence firm demos software all over the world without leaving their office. Now that's intelligent.

Jake Stein, Co-founder of the very impressive RJ Metrics, embarked on a long, extensive process to identify the best tool for his company's screen sharing needs. In this video, recently submitted to our YouTube page, Jake calls Glance the clear cut winner, citing the "ability to start and host a meeting as quickly and simply as possible."Watch the video!

Speaking of quick and simple, in just 67 seconds, Jake earned $150 (three months free Glance service) by explaining why he loves Glance, and you can do the same – submit your simple video today.

Jake gets right to the point in explaining how guests simply log on to a private url (rjmetrics.glance.net) and punch in a unique four-digit session id. Then, as Jake says, "Glance does the rest."

He also points out how wonderful it is to be able to host a session from either a PC or a Mac – "another area where Glance really shines."

"Those factors, and the low cost make RJ Metrics a happy user of Glance," explains Jake.

We're certainly happy to have Jake and RJ Metrics as a customer – and we think their web-based metrics dashboard is super cool. Thanks Jake!

January 22, 2009

Hitting the Customer Feedback Jackpot

 Recently we hit the jackpot with J., a random customer of ours who uses Glance for web demos. We sent a standard note inquiring about his satisfaction...and, surprisingly, he came back with a deluge of professional-grade suggestions – the kind of high-level stuff you'd expect from a senior marketing manager of a multi-national tech vendor...or something like that.

Turns out the guy was a Senior Global Marketing Manager of a huge, legendary tech giant, but that's besides the point – we're used to getting great advice from all kinds of people.

The point is that user feedback is as good as gold. And with thousands of users an email away, we like our odds. That's why everyone at Glance, including our CEO (who had the pleasure of initiating the email thread with J.) invests uncommon amounts of time and energy into listening. As far as we're concerned, anything less would be the real gamble. Thanks, J.!

-Carla Gates

June 30, 2008

Put the "WOW!" Into Your Web Demos | A Glance Webinar

I'm excited to announce the first in a series of complimentary How-To Webinars we'll be doing for our customers and prospects, with some of our favorite partners and industry colleagues. We picked the topics and speakers based on business information and tools we find helpful ourselves -- after all, like many readers of this blog, we're running a small business here too!

Our first Webinar speaker is Peter Cohan, author of Great Demo!, a book that provides easy-to-use methods to create and execute compelling sales demos.

Front_cover151x230 Here's the first Glance Webinar description:

Learn how to turn your dull demos into winners that capture your customers' interest and close business every time. Co-sponsored by Glance and Peter Cohan, we'll teach you how to:

- Engage and captivate your audience in the first 6 minutes;
- Organize your demo to address your customers' key concerns;
- Generate a "Wow!" response that compels their interest;
- And more...

Join us Friday, July 11, 1pm ET (that means, 10am PT, 11am MT, and noon CT) for an hour with Peter, and give a permanent boost to your web demos!

Register today.

March 10, 2008

6 tips for better web demos

Many Glance customers use our simple desktop sharing tool for web demos.  They often ask for tips.  Here's what we tell them.

  1. Take a practice run-though.  This isn't just to make sure you sound smooth or know the high points to hit. You'll know that you have the software and files it needs properly installed on your computer and configured correctly. You'll also see how fast your network can send screen changes.  You can make sure there's no embarassing content left over from internal testing -- yes, we've seen this happen in live demos! You'll get a better idea for pacing the demo and you can leave applications running and files pre-loaded to avoid start-up pauses.
  2. Use a solid Internet connection.  Make sure you have plenty of bandwidth. Often ISPs tout their download bandwidth. But if you're hosting the demo, it's the upload speed that matters, and it's often only a tenth as fast.  (Check your speed now, using the Speakeasy Speed Tester here.)
    To avoid wireless fades or drops, connect your computer directly to your network and disconnect your wireless interface (here's how).  Some Windows laptops have a silly policy of connecting to a neighbor's network, dropping the existing connection on its wired interface.
  3. Lower your screen resolution. We all like a nice big screen when working, but that's not what you want for remote demos. Lowering your screen size to 1024x768 or even 800x600 means your demo is transmitted much faster to your guests. It also makes it less likely your presentation will be shrunk down on your guest's side, making text hard to read.
  4. Go for solid colors. You know about not wearing a checked shirt on TV?  This is similar. Good solid colors compress better and transmit faster. Avoid photos, gradients and textures when possible in your desktop's background, slides or charts.  You'll find screen changes and transitions come accross snappier.
  5. If something goes wrong, keep talking.  We all have days when the demo gods don't smile on us. If something glitches, despite your run-through, it's usually not worth getting distracted trying to fix it. Acknowledge that something went wrong, and then move on. If it's a live product demo, have a backup slide presentation.
  6. Finish strong.  Sum up what you've said.  Then pause for questions with a memorable or "sticky" image on the screen having a clear call to action.

Try these tips out on your next demo.  Like many of our customers, I believe you'll find that  web demos can be your most cost effective way to boost inside sales.