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July 15, 2013

"No more downloads!" say mobile web users

 "Only 27%" of mobile web users "regularly download apps when prompted," says eWeek, citing a recent survey by Netbiscuits.EWeek - Only 27 percent of consumers regularly download apps when prompted


That means nearly three-fourths of consumers refuse to download a mobile app from a website.  Asked why, eWeek reports that:

  • 37% say they're just browsing for information
  • 29% say they don't want to "waste data time" downloading an app
  • 29% say they prefer working with Websites
  • 16% say they have too many apps
  • 9% say they don't have the time

That's why we designed Glance as a no download tool.  With Glance, inside sales and support reps can instantly:

  • Show anything on their desktop or
  • View anything inside their customer's browser

without making customers download a mobile app, plug-in or other software.  

Customers use their favorite browser from any PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Andoroid mobile device.  Everyone connects instantly.  

Try Glance now.  See how delightful an effortless, no download visual experience can be for your customers.

- Rich Baker, Glance CTO & Founder

June 13, 2013

Get the latest Glance for Mac: Beta now available

Our latest version of Glance for Mac is now in beta.  It's got lots of cool new features:

  • Viewing guests connect instantly (no download or plug-in)
  • Host keyless sessions (for effortless connects)
  • Let guests with the Glance app show their screens, too
  • Share your webcam or any other Quicktime video source
  • Collect your guests' contact info
  • Encrypt your sessions

Learn more here.

Get the beta here.  Then click G > Settings to enable the features you want.

Tell us what you think!  Email beta@glance.net or call us at 877-452-6236.

May 24, 2013

Try our latest Glance for Mac (Alpha release)

Great news for all Mac lovers!  The latest version (2.8) of Glance for Mac is now available as an Alpha release.  It includes all the features that Glance users on PCs enjoy today -- and more.

If you are comfortable using pre-release software, we invite you to start using it.



    Update (13 Jun 2013):  Beta version now available!  Download it here.

  1. Download it here:  http://www.glance.net/install/GlanceMac_2.8alpha.zip
    If you are using the Chrome browser, try this link instead:

  2. Find the GlanceMac_2.8alpha.pkg file in your Download folder.  Double-click and install it.

G_b-iconIt will replace the old version in your Applications folder.  Its icon includes a b to remind you it's the new pre-production version.

Should you want to revert back to the production version (2.5.6), open your Applications folder and move the 2.8 Glance application to Trash.  Then click the Download link at the top of our home page to get 2.5.6.



Click G > Settings and you'll see lots of cool new stuff!  Read on to learn about each highlighted option:

Glance for Mac 2-8-8 settings box



Do you often use Glance to show your screen to others?  Select Instantly (no download).  Whenever you start a session to show my screen, your guests will never be asked to download software or install a plug-in or app.  They don't need Flash or Java, either.  They can be on any PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device.  It just works.

(Please note that if you start a session to view guest's screen, a first-time guest will still be prompted to download a small plug-in.  That step is required by their computer to enforce privacy.)

If you show animations or video, consider the high performance plug-in option. First-time guests will be prompted to install it, which usually takes a few moments. Guests with keen eyesight will be rewarded with crisper text and (sometimes) a few more updates per second.



Glance can now ask guests to provide contact information before joining your session. You decide which info is Required or Optional.  Or tell Glance to Don't ask for it.  

View or download the info by logging into the My Account area on our website glance.net (top-right corner).



Consider going keyless for sales demos, training sessions or webinars, or whenever you feel less concerned about security. By skipping the key, your guests connect faster.


TIP:  For the fastest possible connect, choose Join Instantly (no download), go keyless and tell Glance to Don't Ask for any guest contact info.  Effortless! 



Enable Encrypt my sessions to secure all transmitted data, using the same TLS/SLL technology employed by online banks and merchants.



Any guest can now show their screen during your sessions.  Guests who already have Glance are all set. Others who want to present should visit http://glance.net/guest to get Glance's free software before joining the session.

Whenever you enable this option, every guest with a G-icon can click G > Show my screen at any time. They don't have to "raise" a virtual hand to ask permission.  They just "show."  

Everyone sees whoever has most recently chosen G > Show my screen.  

If someone wants to stop showing, he can wait for someone else to show their screen or he can click G > Hide my screen.  While it's hidden, everyone sees the message "Screen not being shown."   Anyone clicking G > Show my screen becomes the new presenter.

This feature feels very Glance-esque:  fast and lightweight.  We think you'll find it's perfect for remote tech support, training, collaboration and small meetings.  



Guests see whichever monitor you select from the Show dropdown list.  That list now includes your Mac's iSight or Facetime webcam and any other attached Quicktime video source. Show these video sources as easily as you show your screen.

Glance for Mac 2-8-8 quicktime video settings
Capture and Scale controls appear whenver you choose a video source.  Adjust them to trade off video quality and performance. For example, 320x240 at 100% seems to work well with the iSight webcam for most networks.

(Upon final release, Quicktime video might not be available on all subscription plans.)



  • When your show a Quicktime video source, you do not have a local view of the video being sent.
  • Windows Phone 8 cannot join a session today
  • If you start a G > View guest screen session and your guest is on a Mac that's running Lion or Mountain Lion, the guest might have trouble connecting.  We're working on a fix. 
    [Update (13 Jun 2013):  Fixed in the beta version.]



Please help us make this another rock-solid release.  

Hammer on it.  Make it jump through all your hoops.  Turn on Instant Join.  Have guests connect from other Macs, PCs (yes, some people still have one), iPads, iPhones and all the Android flavors.  

Then tell us what you think.  Email us at beta@glance.net or give us a ring.  And keep on Glancin'!


May 21, 2013

Glance's Instant Join feature

Glance has a great Instant Join feature that lets all your viewing guests connect instantly. No download.  No plug-in.  No app.  No Flash.  No Java.  No kidding!

Guests use any browser on any PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device.  It just works.

Here's how to enable Instant Join.



1)  Make sure you're using our latest version:

    Click G > Settings > About


    You can get it here:  http://glance.net/download

2)  Enable Instant Join

    Click G > Settings > Options.  Select Instantly (no download).  Click OK.


    (Try Don't Ask and No key, for a completely effortless experience.)

3)  Test drive!

    Choose G > Start Session -- Show My Screen

Everyone sees your screen.  Instantly.


You'll want our next version of Glance for Macs (2.8.2).  An Alpha version is available now. 

If you are comfortable using pre-release software, we invite you to try it out.  Learn more and get the download here.

April 13, 2012

Glance and the Mechanic

My husband spent the first 1/2 of his career as a mechanic.  More specfically, a truck mechanic for Coca-Cola.  He knew every Coca-Cola distributing mom and pop store within 100 miles, and the best roads to use during high traffic times.  Why?  Because as a mechanic, it was his job to fix and maintain trucks.  Only some of that job took place IN the garage.  The other part took place under the broken-down truck, wherever it was, regardless of the weather.

As a mechanic, he was trained to know which pieces of equipment he needed to do the job.  He knew which ones would get the job done, vs. get it done right.  He had relationships with the Snap-On guy, and also knew when he could get by with a Craftsman alternative.  He knew how much time he had to get the Coke to the store, get the truck back home safely, and take the environment that particular day into consideration.  As a result, he has a high appreciation for the right tools, and I have a garage full of big red toolboxes on wheels, and very few recognizably branded tools.  

Sales is no different, and Sales 2.0 has evolved the choices of tools to a similar level.  There are tools that should get the job done, and then there are tools that are designed specifically for a particular task.  

We've seen an explosion in business intelligence tools, lead generation, content management, webinar, marketing automation, CRM, collaboration, sales incentive management, pipeline tracking and proposal management tools.  For some tasks, there are certainly as many choices available to sales as there are to mechanics.

Why then, do we seem to arm our sales reps with a marketing tool for a sales function?  Most of the collaboration tools I come across as a buyer (and even as a seller) are designed to host webinars, with the capacity to share some slides with up to hundreds of people, point a fancy mouse highlighter for all to see, poll the audience and more.  

How often are all those bells and whistles needed in a sales call?  Most of the time, sales calls are short, sweet and directly to the point, with little time for bells and whistles --- it's more about quick diagnostics and a visual concept to get past the next gate.  For that, sales reps need a collaboration tool that's light, fast, easy, reliable -- the right tool for the type of collaboration that occurs in the sales process.  The tool that will get the buyer back to their day job as quickly as possible, and help the sales rep move that conversation to the next step efficiently.   

Even in a Sales 2.0 culture, we've become so familiar with the tools from 1.0, that we just don't think about how important speed and simplicity is to the sales rep.  But the primary tool sales reps need are knowledge and listening skills, not fancy technology.  Technology that gets OUT of the way builds the relationship and accelerates the selling cycle.

Glance Sales Director Diane Fonseca is a Black Belt in Uechi-Ryu karate and is currently gearing up for the AA-ISP conference in Dallas. Follow her on twitter @DawnLeighF

November 07, 2011

Easy Drawing Tool for Mac Users

We know that many of our users would appreciate being able to draw on their screens during a Glance session.  While this is not a current feature of Glance, it can easily be integrated with free software.  We've done some research, and discovered a tool for Mac users called OmniDazzle made by the OmniGroup.  Just like Glance, OmniDazzle is always on, always ready, and available in an instant.  

OmniDazzle takes a spot in the Menu Bar right next to Glance, with which you can choose different tools.  While some of these are more of novelties than tools, they don't interfere with the usefulness of the product.  

With the "Scribble" feature selected, you can start annotating with a simple hotkey ctrl-1. Numbers 1-4 can be used for different colored pens.  ctrl-` (backquote key next to 1) immediately erases any marks and puts you back in control.  That's it!

Screen shot 2011-11-09 at 10.43.56 AM

Another feature of OmniDazzle is "Focal Point" that calls out whichever window is active.  The background is faded out while your active window is highlighted with a blue border.  You can't miss it.

A "Zoom" feature can magnify any spot of the screen up to 2x by drawing a quick box around it. Use it to manually call out specific items during a presentation.

Among the playthings are special effects, such as ripple waves, a sonar to detect your mouse, comic onomatopoeia (BIFF!  ZAP! POW!) popping on your screen, a footprint trail, and my personal favorite: Pixie dust.  Your mouse trails a shower of yellow sparkles that glitter your screen.  So, just like a smartphone, OmniDazzle makes for a very useful toy. Enjoy!

-Scott Baker

September 22, 2010

"Don't Be That Guy" [VIDEO] | When You've Got the Key Decision-Maker On the Line and You've Got 5 Minutes to Demo Your Software!

Although outsiders think it’s easy, it’s not; great selling requires intellect, discipline, hard work, and a boat load of courage.
At Glance, we get your world, we have lived it, and continue to live it every day; a Sales 2.0 company built on deep Sales 1.0 experience.
I guess that’s why we didn’t have to work too hard to come up with “Steve” our fictional Salesman, or should I say semi-fictional.  Most of what you see in our latest set of “Don’t Be That Guy” video series comes directly from our own gaffs; those that at the time were painful, but now, crack us up.
So whether beginner or wily veteran, we give only this advice, learn to laugh at yourself, or at least, at Steve. Enjoy.

Demonstrating... Don't be that guy. Get Glance and demo on-the-fly, whenever opportunity strikes!

Check out the other videos in our "Don't Be That Guy" series (and pass on to a friend who needs a laugh today!)


September 14, 2010

5 Tips to Make Your Sales Presentations Come Alive

Just knowing your product's features and benefits doesn't guarantee sales. To sell your product, you've got to create a need in your prospect's mind that can only be satisfied with your solution. When you’re demonstrating your product to a potential client, you’re in a critical phase of the sales process. It’s your one chance to positively impact a prospect. 

Whether in-person or doing an online demo, the best presentations move your audience to take action. As a sales professional, it’s your job to bring your presentations to life and build enthusiasm for whatever you’re selling.

Here are 5 tips to liven up your presentation:


1) Be energetic and enthusiastic. When you make the same points for the 50th time, it's hard to feel the same sense of spontaneity, and excitement as the first time. But don't let this happen. Give yourself a pep talk beforehand. Smile while you're talking, even on the phone - your voice will come across as much more positive.

2) Incorporate strong, interactive visuals. Go beyond Powerpoint. Use non-linear techniques like mindmapping instead. Use online tools like Balsamiq for mock-ups, or Dabbleboard for whiteboarding.

3) Involve your audience. Ask questions. Pause often and verbally make sure everyone is on the same page. Mention people’s names in order to grab (and keep) their attention. Something quick like, “As Bob mentioned a few days ago…” (Bob will give you 100% of his attention for the rest of your presentation!) If you are using a screen sharing tool like Glance, allow the participants to use the remote control feature, where they can point to items on your screen as if they were sitting next to you.

4) Ask feedback questions. Asking questions like, “Does that make sense?” during your presentation allows you to find out if you’re on target. If you get a, “no", ask more questions to find out where you went off. And be honest. If you don't know the answer to a question, don't try to answer it. There's nothing wrong with admitting uncertainty.

5) (Perhaps most importantly) If your customer is not in a position to make a decision at the end of your presentation, schedule another call. Come up with a reason to get back in there.

-- Carla Gates, Director, Marketing

>> Try Glance's dynamic demo tool, built especially for Sales Pros, to make your sales pitches come alive.

February 13, 2010

"I have not yet begun to fight!" | What Did John Paul Jones Have in Common with Today's Elite Sales Pros?

In Portsmouth, NH, this weekend, taking a mini-break from work, we came across the "John Paul Jones House" on Middle St., where the famous Revolutionary Naval War hero lived between 1777 and 1782.

John Paul Jones is most famous for NOT giving up, even as his own ship, the U.S.S. Bonhomme Richard, sank around him.

As the legend goes, after conducting sea raids on the coast of Britain, he took command in 1779 of a rebuilt French merchant ship, renamed the U.S.S.Bonhomme Richard to honor Benjamin Franklin. On September 23, 1779, Jones engaged the British frigate Serapis in the North Sea, daringly sailing in close, lashing his vessel to the British ship, and fighting the battle at point-blank range. During the fight, 2 of his cannon burst, and the British Captain asked Jones if he was ready to surrender. Replied Jones: "Sir, I have not yet begun to fight!"

The American crew finally boarded the Serapis after the British had surrendered her colors, and from the deck of the Serapis they watched the U.S.S.Bonhomme Richard sink into the North Sea, but having won the battle and captured the Serapis.

So, what did John Paul Jones have in common with elite sales pros of today?

  • He had a good team;
  • He thought highly of his abilities;
  • He took risks;
  • He assumed he would win the battle, even as his ship was sinking around him;
  • He never gave up;
  • He psyched out the competition, who must have thought he was crazy for not perceiving his own eminent defeat;
  • He inspired his team with his stated confidence in his and their abilities.

Who knows what was the key to Jones' victory....was it his belief in himself and his team, or did he intimidate the competition with his loudly proclaimed self-confidence?

Today's sales pros face similar odds: According to a recent CSO Insights report, only 52.4% of sales reps at the companies surveyed made sales quote in 2009. As a point of comparison, that number was 61.1% in 2007. So what do you do? Think like John Paul Jones....get together a good team, take risks, think positively, psych out the competition, and above all, as the ship is sinking, yell out, "I have not yet begun to sell!"

-- Carla Gates, Director, Marketing

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January 31, 2010

It's Chicken Soup! (yes, I'm talking about screen-sharing)

"Its chicken soup!" That's how my grandmother told you something you were trying to do was (or should be) really easy. Apparently, she thought making chicken soup was easy, and maybe, in comparison to the other more complicated Mediterranean recipes in her cooking repertoire, it was!

These days, I'm the Marketing Director at Glance -- a high-tech start up, that makes the world's easiest screen sharing tool. I'm sure my grandmother would not only say "it's chicken soup!" but she'd be able to use Glance herself (and she wasn't a fan of technology - never learned to drive a car).

Watch our new (really short) how-to video, below, and see for yourself how easy Glance is to use, compared to all those complicated web conferencing services out there that need an IT guy standing by just to get it started. Better yet, test it on your grandmother. And then try it with your prospects, clients, and colleagues, when you do your next sales demo, sales presentation, prospecting, or support call.

Let me hear you say it now, "IT'S CHICKEN SOUP!"

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-- Carla Gates, Director, Marketing