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March 16, 2010

Customer Success Story | Glance Helps TechniCon's Sales Team Begin Qualifying Instantly

 A Glance Customer Success StoryTony Mirante uses Glance

Anthony Mirante
Founder and President, TechniCon

About Tony (Anthony)
Tony is helping to drive the trend toward “mass customization” of products over the Web. Some of the world's foremost manufacturers have embraced his technology to sell millions of products online, yet customized for specific customer needs. What Dell did for made-to-order PCs, Tony wants to do for the commerce of all complex products.

Quote from Tony Mirante What He Sells
TechniCon sells Web-based catalog and configuration tools for manufacturers and distributors of complex products, like cars, furniture and electronics. Customers such as Acuity Brands, Lutron and Teknion use the technology to let their customers, sales staff and design engineers easily assemble and customize products in a virtual environment. From product and parts catalogs to quote and order creation, TechniCon helps customers increase sales, streamline their sales processes and eliminate order errors. 

Tony’s Sales Challenge
His first sales challenge is geography. The Oakland-based company’s clients tend to be large manufacturers in the industrial mid-west and east coast, making continuous travel cost prohibitive.

The second challenge is relationship building. Nearly 100 percent of new customer leads stem from inbound Internet marketing campaigns, where there’s no pre-existing relationship or familiarity from which to base the engagement. Prospects tend to be senior sales or marketing executives within large companies, where relationships mean everything. And with the sales cycles typically taking 6 to 18 months, building a strong relationship is both a considerable investment and a sustained effort for TechniCon. “We need to qualify each other. If we’re going to make that kind of investment in a customer, we need to make sure we’re a good fit first,” said Tony.

How Glance Helps
Glance enables Tony’s sales team to engage prospects and begin the qualification process instantly. The fast and lightweight screen sharing tool allows sales reps to give a quick intro to the company’s history and expertise. And once the two parties mutually decide to move forward, the reps can accurately demonstrate online how TechniCon’s solution can serve their e-commerce needs.


Glance has helped Tony’s sales team win more business by establishing instant credibility with prospects, thanks to its simplicity and reliability. “You only get one shot to make a good first impression,” he said. “I’ve used WebEx, GoToMeeting and other presentation tools with disastrous results. They’re just too complex and crash-prone to facilitate open and direct conversation. Glance is like a dial tone. It’s always there. It always works. And it doesn’t get in the way. It’s been absolutely flawless,” he said. 

Glance has also helped the company realize big savings in travel expenses. The long lead times and many relationship-building steps required by his clientele has been streamlined with Glance. “There are a lot of product engineering and data questions that need to be answered up front. With Glance, we can do a number of Web-based demonstrations and answer many questions before we get on a plane to close a deal. Our customers like it because they can see how our company operates and how our solution works without any effort on their part,” Tony said. 


About TechniCon
Founded in 1987, TechniCon is a leading provider of e-commerce solutions for complex products. Combining over a decade of experience developing product specification and sales automation software with leading-edge Internet and visualization technology, TechniCon has developed interactive sales and configuration systems for a wide range of manufacturers, including Acuity Brands, Cooper Industries, and SMC. TechniCon (www.TechniCon.com) is headquartered in Emeryville, CA with additional offices in St. Louis, MO.

About Glance
Glance is a simple, quick-connecting screen-sharing tool designed to help sales pros maximize every conversation within all steps of the sales cycle; prospect, demo, close and support. The Arlington, Mass.-based company’s technology is used by thousands of companies worldwide. For more information, or to sign up for a free, 7-day trial, visit www.glance.net or call 1-888-945-2623.

March 16, 2010

Customer Success Story | Steve Harper Uses Glance to Increase Sales Efficiency

A Glance Customer Success StorySteve Harper, Plan2Win software, uses Glance

Steven Harper
CEO and Founder, Plan2Win Software LLC, and
Sales Facilitator, The Bridge Group

About Steven
Steve Harper started selling in 1992 and hasn’t looked back. He has used his knowledge of sales dynamics, sales tools, and effective selling to develop training curriculum as a consultant and sales training facilitator. Most recently, he has focused on how the Sales 2.0 world has altered the sales process – for good.

Quote from Steve Harper What He Sells
Plan2Win develops software to fill the “tool gap” in most CRM systems around territorial strategy and key account planning. Plan2Win guides users through lists of questions on contacts, customers, competitors and geography, and creates territorial sales plans from the information.

“It asks questions we know most sales people have little time to consider. By working through the answers, sales reps gain valuable insight into the way they do business,” Steve said.

Steven’s Sales Challenge
Technology and economics have conspired to compress the sales cycle so radically that sales people typically must accomplish in one call what would have required several calls and an in-person meeting as recently as two years ago.

“Buyers no longer take meetings,” Steve said. “Every company today is smaller than they were a year ago, so decision-makers are much busier and they’re getting calls from more sales people than ever. You don’t have a call to introduce yourself and sound them out, then another to make your sales pitch and start talking about your solution. When you get the prospect on the phone and they show interest, you had better be able to show them something or the sale is going to the next person. If you don’t have me at hello, you’re done.”

Web-based conferencing and traditional demonstration tools, however, weren’t designed with this pace in mind. Most of them are complex, unreliable, and require the hassles of software downloads, pre-scheduling and registration, which won’t work with today’s harried buyers.

How Glance Helps
Steve has a Glance sales demo ready to go whenever he calls a prospect. If the prospect is interested, he can instantly transition to showing what’s on his desktop and enhance the engagement immediately, with little to no effort on the prospect’s end. 

“At my seminars I always ask, if you think sales is a process, why do you treat it like an event?  “Most screen sharing tools treat sales as an event, where you have to schedule a session in advance. By using Glance to make screen sharing part of my process, I can ask my prospect if they want a quick demo, and within 48 seconds they’re looking at my screen.”

Steve says Glance gives him the “two degrees of improvement” that provides an edge over his competitors.

“A constant challenge in sales is what can I do differently from the other guy so I can be more successful,” he said. “Even a one or two percent efficiency increase is going to get me more attention, and I’m getting way more than that from Glance.”


About Plan2Win

Plan2Win Software was founded by sales veterans and former vice presidents of sales to provide tools for real territory sales strategy and key account sales planning. The company’s software and sales training push sales people to think like business people. They learn to think analytically, methodically and strategically about their industries, their selling techniques and their sales territories. More importantly, Plan2Win makes them think in new ways. To be successful in today’s environment, sales people have to have business acumen as well as sales skills. For more information visit http://www.territoryplan.com/

About Glance
Glance is a simple, quick-connecting screen-sharing tool designed to help sales pros maximize every conversation within all steps of the sales cycle; prospect, demo, close and support. The Arlington, Mass.-based company’s technology is used by thousands of companies worldwide. For more information, or to sign up for a free, 7-day trial, visit http://glance.net or call 1-888-945-2623.

June 05, 2009

A Marketing Guru Spreads Her Mojo with Glance

Angela Wills is on a mission to help marketers. She hosts a radio show and teaches and coaches marketers, with a specialty in online business strategies (MarketersMojo.com). Watch the video!

Knowing that many of us are visual learners, Angela combines Glance's screen sharing with phone conferencing to instruct customers across the globe.

Watch her video on our Lights, Camera, Savings Youtube page, and you'll see how recently she taught a 4-6 week course on how to manage affiliate programs. Her customers learned valuable info, and Angela generated income through the program. Just one of many ways you can generate income with Glance.

"Just using the screen with the conference line helped me connect with my customers," says Angela, who has experienced that aha moment you get with Glance that's hard to describe.

While Angela's spreading the mojo, we're spreading the wealth – giving Angela three free months on her Glance account, just for her short video explaining how she uses Glance! 

What are you waiting for? For three months free, and exposure on youtube and this blog, send yours today!

May 06, 2009

"Thanks to Glance, I don't even have to put my shoes on!"

Ruben is living proof that Glance isn't just for companies – it's for barefoot freelancers, too. Watch the video!

In this recently submitted video, Ruben expounds on the virtues of using Glance:

"Today, for instance, we have bad weather. It's cold outside, all rainy and muddy," reports Ruben, as he points the camera at the bad weather outside. "I don't have to go anywhere. Thanks to Glance."

With summer around the corner, most of us won't have to worry about weather. But there are plenty of reasons for people like Ruben to use Glance all year long.

As Ruben makes revisions on his Photoshop documents, clients watch in real time, while discussing changes on the phone. Using Glance's super simple screen-sharing tool, clients see what's happening on Ruben's screen and they give instant feedback, make suggestions and provide approvals.

This saves everyone the back-and-forth hassle of multiple revisions, and makes scheduling in-person meetings a thing of the past...allowing Ruben the pleasure of going barefoot all day long. Taking advantage of artistic license, Ruben shows his actual foot as evidence. Okay, we're convinced!

Ruben, to show our gratitude for your video we're going to "foot" the bill on three months of your Glance service – a savings of $150 – all because you submitted your simple video to Glance's Lights, Camera Savings page.

Same goes for any other current subscribers. Follow Ruben's lead, let us know what you're up to, post a video – and get three months FREE!

April 02, 2009

How One-Click Desktop Sharing Provides All-Day Help To DayliteHelp.com

Cynthia provides sales training and tech support for customer relations software, Daylite.

We were glad to hear in her new video that DayLiteHelp.com's customer relations are improved by using Glance.Watch the video!

Cynthia's in Portland, OR, but 95% of her clients are spread out all over the world. In her new video submitted to Glance's Lights, Camera, Savings page, Cynthia maintains that "the only way I can help them is to use Glance, and I use it all day long, every day."

Wow. All day long, every day! Sounds like the difference between a nimble, one-click screen sharing tool like Glance and a complicated web conferencing application like WebEx.

Glance's lightweight, business-class interface allows Cynthia to jump on and off with customers all day long, to "share clients screens, share their mouse, and provide them with real-time training."

"There's just no way I could do this without using the Glance software. So a big thank you to Glance."

Cynthia, there's just no way we could offer Glance's one-click desktop sharing without people like you! So the thanks is all ours. We're happily awarding you with three months of Glance FREE for your wonderful video testimonial.

Same goes for any other Glancers looking to save $150 – simply post a quick video about Glance, and fame, fortune and glory is yours!

March 24, 2009

Directory Solutions Group Finds The Perfect One-Click Solution For Software Demos On The Fly.

If you were in the market for directory solutions software like rDirectory or SimpleSync, would you rather sit through a one-size -fits-all automated presentation on the manufacturer's web site...OR experience a one-on-one, personalized web demo conducted by a value-added reseller (and software guru), in real time? Watch the video!

Most of us would choose the latter – and that's exactly what Jerry Welch is offering his customers, with the help of Glance.

For years Jerry's been presenting software products on the fly with Glance's one-click screen sharing, and increasing his bottom line in the process.

Jerry points out in this new video testimonial how "it's nice to have a client on the phone and say ' would you like to take a look.' They ask when I can schedule a presentation, and I typically say how about right now?"

How about right now, indeed. That's Glance in a nutshell!

And with the recent addition of reverse screen sharing, Jerry can view and control his products on his client's desktop. "It just became even that much more valuable," he explains.

And you just became more valuable to us, Jerry! That's why we're giving you three months of FREE Glance service – that's a $150 value – in exchange for your simple video posted to our Glance Lights, Camera, Savings page on Youtube.

Same goes for anyone reading this – post your simple video right now and save big on the tool that's changing the way smart companies do business around the world.

If anyone's interested in rDirectory or SimpleSync, please contact Jerry for a presentation. Chances are it'll also be a great way to see Glance in action.

Thanks Jerry!

February 27, 2009

Business Intelligence firm demos software all over the world without leaving their office. Now that's intelligent.

Jake Stein, Co-founder of the very impressive RJ Metrics, embarked on a long, extensive process to identify the best tool for his company's screen sharing needs. In this video, recently submitted to our YouTube page, Jake calls Glance the clear cut winner, citing the "ability to start and host a meeting as quickly and simply as possible."Watch the video!

Speaking of quick and simple, in just 67 seconds, Jake earned $150 (three months free Glance service) by explaining why he loves Glance, and you can do the same – submit your simple video today.

Jake gets right to the point in explaining how guests simply log on to a private url (rjmetrics.glance.net) and punch in a unique four-digit session id. Then, as Jake says, "Glance does the rest."

He also points out how wonderful it is to be able to host a session from either a PC or a Mac – "another area where Glance really shines."

"Those factors, and the low cost make RJ Metrics a happy user of Glance," explains Jake.

We're certainly happy to have Jake and RJ Metrics as a customer – and we think their web-based metrics dashboard is super cool. Thanks Jake!

February 13, 2009

"ABSOLUTELY AWESOME." – David Williams, Unlimited Web Solutions

Wow, thanks David! Please allow us to return the compliment:

The absolutely awesome video David submitted to our Lights, Camera, Savings! page on YouTube did a great job capturing the essence of what we do. His short on-screen tour of Glance clocked in under two minutes and gets right to the heart of the matter. Watch the video!

In exchange for his efforts, David gets three months free of Glance – that's a $150 value. (Same goes for anyone else who submits a video – easiest $150 you ever made, do it now!)

David, an SEO consultant, mentions that he's familiar with other desktop sharing solutions, but hasn't seen any as simple as Glance. Plus, he points out that his guests don't have to be "super internet savvy," to figure out how to join a session. 

Yep. That pretty much sums up Glance. Thanks again, David!

David's company is based in North Carolina and specializes in "ethical SEO."

June 13, 2008

Prestwood Australia Credits Glance with Cutting Travel Time

One of our customers responded to a recent survey by saying: I was introduced to Glance, and now my children expect me home for dinner at 6 p.m.  Since I rarely make it home for dinner at 6 p.m., I asked him how he accomplished this remarkable feat.  Here is Guy Thornycroft's story:

Guy is the marketing director for Prestwood Australia which markets interactive financial planning software to financial planners across Australia. With a lot of territory to cover, sales reps formerly spent weeks on the road in face-to-face meetings with prospects, demonstrating Prestwood’s software product.

Using Glance’s easy-to-use web demo tool, Prestwood sales reps now demo their software from their own offices, just as if they were sitting next to their prospects. They travel less and get more accomplished.

Guy says, “Were it not for Glance, I would have to travel to every state each month to demonstrate what Glance allows me to do online. Glance has given me literally weeks more each year with my family.”

He used to think business relationships could only work face to face. Using Glance has made him realize that relationships from a distance can work even better.  He can learn all he needs to know about a prospect by just asking more questions. "And even better," according to Guy, “because the financial planner is feeling secure in their own office, and I am in my office, I can be far more direct and personal in my questions. We have a lot of fun with it! I find they share more personal feelings than they would face to face.”

Thornycroft still travels to visit customers, but only after they’ve signed up for software and training. That way, he says, “I don’t have to spend days visiting prospects who are not suited for the service we offer -  my trips are more focused and useful.  I am more effective and my family is happier.”

Dinner at 6 p.m. sounds great - see if Glance can make it happen for you. 

June 02, 2008

A Glance Video Case Study: How to Make Your Projects Run More Efficiently

Youtube_nowspeed When your clients and colleagues are spread across different offices, it can be a challenge keeping everyone on the same page. Efficient project management is the key to controlling costs and delivering results on time.

Nowspeed, a Glance customer and provider of online lead generation solutions for businesses around the country, was faced with just such a challenge.

Watch the video case study to see how Nowspeed found they could use Glance’s super simple screen sharing tool to take away the friction of communicating remotely with customers and far-flung colleagues. Meeting and collaborating online meant they got projects done faster.

Dave Reske, Nowspeed CEO, says:

“Glance takes away all the friction in our communication with out clients and with our prospects.  It makes it easy to connect, easy to have that conversation. We’re not focusing on the tool; we’re focusing on the business and the information that’s important to our clients.”

Tell us how you use Glance! We’re always interested in your feedback.