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July 15, 2013

"No more downloads!" say mobile web users

 "Only 27%" of mobile web users "regularly download apps when prompted," says eWeek, citing a recent survey by Netbiscuits.EWeek - Only 27 percent of consumers regularly download apps when prompted


That means nearly three-fourths of consumers refuse to download a mobile app from a website.  Asked why, eWeek reports that:

  • 37% say they're just browsing for information
  • 29% say they don't want to "waste data time" downloading an app
  • 29% say they prefer working with Websites
  • 16% say they have too many apps
  • 9% say they don't have the time

That's why we designed Glance as a no download tool.  With Glance, inside sales and support reps can instantly:

  • Show anything on their desktop or
  • View anything inside their customer's browser

without making customers download a mobile app, plug-in or other software.  

Customers use their favorite browser from any PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Andoroid mobile device.  Everyone connects instantly.  

Try Glance now.  See how delightful an effortless, no download visual experience can be for your customers.

- Rich Baker, Glance CTO & Founder

January 10, 2012

Screen-Sharing Tool from Glance Helps Deluxe Corporation Improve Sales and Service Productivity

“Glance has made a major impact on our team’s productivity and helped shorten our sales cycles considerably. Our customers want a quick and easy product demo, and Glance delivers.”

Mark McCarthy
Director of Sales Competency and Training Deluxe Corporation


Mark McCarthy
Director of Sales Competency and Training, Deluxe Corporation

About Deluxe

Deluxe Corporation (NYSE: DLX), headquartered in St. Paul, Minn. provides a variety of products and services that help small businesses and financial institutions attract and retain customers. In addition to its personalized printed products, Deluxe offers a growing suite of business services, including logo design, payroll, web design and hosting, business networking and other web-based services to help small businesses grow. In the financial services industry, Deluxe sells check programs and fraud prevention, customer loyalty and retention programs to help banks build lasting relationships and grow core deposits.

Deluxe’s Challenge

Deluxe sales and support representatives do much of their selling by phone, and product demos are key to those interactions. Deluxe reps often need to share their screens with customers, either to close business or resolve service issues.

In recent years, Deluxe sales reps found that time pressure had increasingly become the key challenge small business owners faced when working with Deluxe over the phone. Customers would say, “I don’t have much time - if you can’t do this fast, I have to go.” Mark McCarthy, Director of Sales Competency and Training for Deluxe, knew the company had to find a way to shorten screen-sharing sessions without sacrificing the quality of interactions.

“It’s easier to demonstrate to a customer how our financial payroll services work rather than just talk about it over the phone,” says McCarthy. “But our small business customers don’t have the capacity, time or resources to engage in a lengthy series of meetings. We wanted a fast and easy screen-sharing tool that would enable reps to quickly and clearly demonstrate our offerings so customers could make a decision on the spot.”  McCarthy knew that if Deluxe could better engage customers during the demo process, its sales revenue would rise.

How Glance Helps

As he researched possible alternatives, McCarthy came across an article by a respected blogger on Glance and his interest was piqued.

Glance’s service is known for simplicity and speed – session participants are connected in seconds with one click and no software to download. Reps simply invite customers to visit their personal Glance URL and enter a 4-digit security key code, and moments later the customer can see the rep’s screen. Reps can share control of their mouse and keyboard, so it feels like they’re working side-by-side with the customer, and can even initiate reverse sessions where they can view the customer’s screen (with permission).

It was just what Deluxe needed. After an evaluation, McCarthy and his team implemented Glance. Deluxe customers now enjoy the instant connection that Glance’s screen-sharing service provides. Deluxe sales reps can quickly demo online marketing services, work together to customize retail products, negotiate contracts and deliver training, all via Glance sessions. Because no data is exchanged between devices, sessions are completely secure – critical given that many Deluxe customers are financial institutions.

Glance is now a key part of the company’s formal sales process for two nationwide sales groups in the United States and parts of Canada. In addition, Deluxe often uses Glance internally as a tool to train its own staff on its products and services.

“Glance has met all of our expectations and is simple to use and administer.  Our sales reps love Glance,” says McCarthy.


Currently Deluxe has more than 100 sales and service reps nationwide using Glance, all day, every day. Recently, Deluxe launched a new retail business services division and Glance was essential to the success of this launch due to the volume of demos required.

McCarthy reports that productivity has definitely improved since Deluxe implemented Glance and the feedback from the sales divisions has been overwhelmingly positive. Sales reps no longer hear from their customers “I don’t have time for this,” and Glance has proven to be highly reliable enabling reps to spend more time selling.

McCarthy originally purchased individual licenses for Deluxe reps, but upgraded to an enterprise license in 2011 to accommodate the company’s growing use of Glance. Next up, Deluxe will integrate Glance with salesforce.com, its sales and service system of record. This will enable Deluxe reps to launch collaborative sales and support sessions simply by clicking on a Glance icon appearing on any salesforce.com object. Glance for Salesforce automatically tracks and stores all session activity, enabling real-time, accurate reporting, and allows customers to join sessions from any mobile device, including iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android. 

“Glance has made a major impact on our team’s productivity and helped shorten our sales cycles considerably,” says McCarthy. “Glance was the right choice for us. Our customers want a quick and easy product demo, and Glance delivers.”


-Sarah L. Bright, Glance Networks

October 27, 2011

Screen-sharing demo tool from Glance Networks helps Reed Construction Data reduce sales cycles/time-to-revenue by 60 percent


Lisa Fiondella
Chief Customer Officer, Reed Construction Data

About Reed

Reed Construction Data, headquartered in a suburb of Atlanta, is a leading information provider to the construction industry, delivering targeted and timely project information, cost data and market intelligence that simplifies decision-making for Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) professionals throughout North America.

Lisa’s Challenge

Demonstrations are a key element of the selling process for Reed. For years, rather than providing one-on-one demos, the company had used a homegrown demo system that gave prospects access to its production data for a short period of time. The access was unguided, which caused several problems; chief among them, many prospects simply accessed the data they needed but then didn’t purchase the service from Reed.

Another downside of the homegrown system was that it did not automatically track prospect demo activity, leaving it up to the salesperson to manually update records in Reed’s sales force automation (SFA) system. Often reps neglected to do that, meaning follow-up sales efforts post-demo were erratic and sales managers not could accurately track demo activity or the impact of demos on closure rates.

How Glance Helps

Reed’s management team decided it was time to scrap its existing process and bring on a real demo tool to help its sales reps take charge of the process. Fiondella discovered that several inside salespeople had already adopted an instant screen-sharing tool called Glance to give demos, and it had helped

improve their closure rates considerably.

Simultaneously, Fiondella was working on an upgrade of Reed’s SFA, from an internally developed system to Salesforce.com. When she learned there was a version of Glance for Salesforce, she made the decision to move forward and implement Glance across Reed’s entire sales force.


With Salesforce CRM and Glance for Salesforce now in place, Reed reps can now launch demos from within Salesforce. Participants are connected with one click, in just seconds. All activity is automatically recorded with no action necessary by the reps, and Reed sales managers can easily access reports such as number of demos per rep, average demo length and the impact demos have had on conversion rates.

According to Fiondella, Glance for Salesforce has helped the Reed sales team:

–         Build Salesforce stickiness by providing reps with all the apps they needed within the Salesforce.com interface.

–         Reduce sales cycles by 60 percent.

–         Improve lead conversion rates by 40 percent.

–         Increase the volume of demos to new leads by 66 percent.

Fiondella says other benefits include:

–         Reducing inside sales-cost-per-close by improving the lead conversion rate.

–         Reducing the marketing-cost-per-close.

–         Reducing the costs associated with its former demo system.

Overall, Reed estimates that it achieved payback on its investment in Glance for Salesforce in just four months.

“Reed is constantly striving to build a stronger sales force and Glance for Salesforce has transformed our sales process,” says Fiondella.

She says that the reporting in Glance for Salesforce has given the Reed sales management team unprecedented insight into inside sales activity, including the quantifiable impact of demos on sales. It has also enabled Reed to target and improve its training and development for sales reps in order to make them more successful.

“Demo-related metrics are the most important ones we track from an efficiency and effectiveness standpoint, because demos have such a strong impact on our close rates,” says Fiondella. “The analytics that Glance provides have vastly improved our ability to move the needle. We now have a much better understanding of the drivers for success.” Based on this success, Fiondella reports, a number of additional business units within Reed have recently begun using Glance for Salesforce.

Learn more about Glance for Salesforce.com Here.

January 31, 2011

Customer Success Story | Glance for Salesforce Shortens Project Cycles and Improves Service Delivery for The Bridge Group, Inc.

“The Glance for Salesforce app is a really straightforward way to conduct ‘business as usual’, but with the added bonus of reporting, for better analysis of Sales team activities.”

-- Matt Bertuzzi, The Bridge Group, Inc.

Who BIG_new_logo

Matt Bertuzzi
Manager, The Bridge Group, Inc.
The Bridge Group, Inc. specializes in building, expanding, and optimizing inside sales strategies for smart B2B technology companies.

Matt’s Business Challenge

Since The Bridge Group sells consulting and strategy services to Sales and Marketing leaders in technology companies around the country, the team spends a fair amount of time presenting to clients and prospects over the phone.

So, Matt needed a way to quickly start up screen sharing sessions to put a “visual” to his phone conversations and presentations. Unlike other complicated web conferencing tools that can take minutes (or longer) to launch, Glance’s screen sharing tool is built for quick, effortless start-up on the part of the session host and guests.

In addition, Matt needed a way to “tie his session activity to context”, in other words, to track the quantity and quality of the time he and his team were spending presenting and selling to clients and prospects, with the ultimate goal of increasing sales process efficiency. He had questions like “How many presentations, sales calls and demos were we giving per week? Per client? Which clients seemed to need the most attention? Which colleagues needed extra support?”

Since Matt spends his days inside Salesforce.com, he wanted to use an AppExchange app to answer these questions.

Here’s where Glance for Salesforce comes in. Matt downloaded Glance for Salesforce from the AppExchange and once installed, began launching his screen sharing sessions with colleagues and clients directly from within Salesforce. Now, his Glance for Salesforce dashboard provides critical insight into how demo and service sessions are impacting his teams’ productivity.

How Glance Helps

Matt likes the way Glance’s Salesforce app is a “straightforward way to conduct business as usual, but with the added bonus of reporting, for analyzing team activities.” He also likes the way Glance integrates with the Salesforce.com’s Event Scheduler to help arrange his online meetings and presentations.


“With Glance for Salesforce, we’ve really been able to become more productive”, said Matt. “Internally, the ease of launching on-the-fly meetings has ultimately shortened our project cycles and improved our service delivery.”

Watch our video and see how Glance for Salesforce works!

-- Carla Gates, Director, Marketing, Glance Networks

October 26, 2010

AssistiveTek Provides "Just-In-Time" Tech Support With Glance

Recently, a great review of Glance for tech support appeared in Brian Friedlander' blog, Assistive Technology.  Brian is a well-known Mind Mapping and Educational Technology Consultant at AssistiveTek, LLC, Associate Professor at College of St. Elizabeth, and a long-time Glance customer.

Supporting his base of education-industry clients remotely, Brian says Glance helps him provide on-the-spot technical support, when "the software guide isn't enough".

Here's the text of Brian's article...


"During the course of a week, I am spending more and more of my time working with teachers, providing them with professional development on various assistive technologies that can be implemented in the classroom. http://assistivetek.blogspot.com/

For many of the teachers that I work with this is their first encounter with many of the assistive technologies that are being introduced. Not being on site, I often leave access to software guides and reference materials on my Google Site for the teachers to access- should they need help. There are those times when these materials are not enough to pinpoint a particular issue and technical support is needed.

Just last week I received an email from a middle school teacher who was puzzled why the software was not  working as she had anticipated. Rather than emails going back and forth, I set up a time for her to speak with me as well as a link where I could see and remotely control her screen. As part of my services to schools, I offer "Just in Time Training and Support." Using Glance, an easy to use screen sharing tool, I was able to email the teacher a link so that when we spoke I could see her screen and take control of her computer.

Once we connected on the cell phone and I started the session I was able to see the teachers screen and she was able to walk me through the steps so that I could see the process. While doing the screen sharing - the teacher realized that she had left out a step which could explain why the program did not work as expected. We quickly went through a new scenario and added the missed step and all of the issues were quickly resolved. What would have taken weeks to solve was handled in 5 minutes using Glance.

Glance has become an indispensable tool which I use for doing webinars and for providing on the spot technical support. If you are looking for "Just in Time Technical Support" for your assistive technology program,

let me know, and I would be glad to send you a proposal. In the end the teacher was up in running in minutes and now is confidently going back into the classroom and using the software with her students. Without this support the teacher would have put the software aside until I had our next scheduled training session."

August 17, 2010

Glance Reviewed as Highly Effective Sales Tool for Financial Advisors, in "Technology Tools for Today"

Recently, a great review of Glance appeared in the Technology Tools For Today newsletter, which bills itself as a "the ONLY Practice/Management newsletter for Financial Advisors". Ted Rich, of Vinoy Capital, in Orlando, a long-time Glance customer, raves about using Glance to:

  1. Expand his prospect base geographically, without extra travel time and expense;
  2. Create more positive customer experiences; and
  3. Team sell with colleagues around the country.

Here's the text of Ted's article...

Virtual Meetings — Tools for Making Them Effective and Efficient

One of the unspoken truths of the RIA (Registered Investment Advisors) business is this – the majority of RIA firms focus their efforts on obtaining the largest number of qualified clients possible within one Glance.net reviewed in Technology Tools for Today hour’s driving distance from their local office. It is just plain fact that if you are going to meet with a prospect in person at least one to three times before being hired, and then meet with them at least quarterly forever, then having all of your clients within a short drive from the office would be the best case scenario for most RIA firms. It is also fact that many opportunities can and will arise for firms outside of their one hour circle, and then the decision must be made on whether the client will be large enough or important enough to justify the extra time and expense that will be incurred each year meeting with them in person using a similar frequency as with local clients. Thankfully, the astounding speed of progress in communication technology has provided at least one potential solution to these issues – the virtual meeting.

Let’s briefly define the virtual meeting for purposes of this discussion, and then review some tools for maximizing its value. Virtual meetings are simply an Internet-based version of a dedicated client or prospect meeting, with only the handshake, eye-contact, and body language missing. Those three things are no doubt important and should be accomplished at certain points in the relationship, but for most clients they are not necessary during every contact if expectations are properly set up from the beginning. One of the things we ask all prospective clients about is their comfort with technology, and it is a major factor in our determination of whether they will be a good fit for our firm.

The best thing about virtual meetings (not counting the dramatic time and expense savings) is that they only require a few simple technology tools, and those tools are amazingly easy and cost-effective to use. Since our firm rarely uses paper even during in-person client meetings, this allows us to conduct effectively the same meeting virtually.  In this article we will review how our firm has combined several of these tools to maximize the results of our virtual meetings, keeping in mind that the most important objective is that the client has a positive experience on their end, reinforcing the idea that this type of communication will be acceptable to them going forward.

The most important technology piece by far is the screen sharing software, and while there are many solid choices available in the marketplace, our firm has for several years been using successfully a program named Glance. The two things that are most important to us in this type of software are also the key highlights of Glancespeed and simplicity. One of the challenges of online meetings is that very often the client or prospect does not spend as much time with computers as most RIAs do. So if we are going to propose this type of meeting, the software has to be very easy to use. The last thing we want is for the client to spend ten frustrating minutes on the beginning of our call trying to get the screen sharing to work. Glance provides a very simple entry link that we embed into our firm website, and to get started it only asks the client to enter a four digit code and click one button (maybe an extra two clicks the first time they use it).

The other key feature that Glance makes so easy, is allowing different people from different locations the ability to control the screen at any time. This is very important to us since my partner, Michael Tracy, lives and works from Boulder, CO while I live and work from Orlando, FL. Almost always when we are in a virtual meeting together, there are parts of the meeting that Michael will present from Colorado and parts that I will present from Florida.  Glance makes this very easy, and it also happens to be very impressive to the client or prospect since this technology is still rather new to most of the world. Once we are connected, we simply show and discuss the same items with the client or prospect as we would be doing in a normal face-to-face meeting.

As a side note, one of the huge benefits of easy two-way screen sharing is that it drastically improved our ability to assist clients with technology questions regarding using our website, viewing their custodial statements online, viewing our online performance system, and many other items. Now, instead of trying to talk them through an issue over the phone, we can simply open a screen sharing session and control their computer screen so we can see exactly what they are seeing and walk them through the solution right on their own computer. This feature alone has been a huge time and headache saver for us and once again is very impressive to clients.

Many screen sharing programs also include an integrated audio component for a comprehensive virtual meeting solution, but we choose to use a separate service for audio. As mentioned above, often our audience is not as familiar with online meetings as we are, so asking them to receive video and audio through their computer is often too much at once. However, connecting to simple screen sharing and making a normal telephone call usually works very well, as once the screens are connected then all they have to do is talk on the phone and watch what we are doing. It also allows us to still connect with them on audio in case anyone’s Internet connection is acting up at this very inopportune time. For a one-on-one virtual meeting we just make a normal telephone call (using our hosted VoIP system), but since most of our virtual meetings are multi-party, we use www.freeconferencecall.com (FCC) as our provider of choice. FCC provides a Web-based application that provides a conference call line for our firm to use on demand. Our firm has a static phone number and access code that allows us to host conference calls at any time for a large number of participants (96), even though we rarely have more than five different parties calling in to our virtual meetings. Anybody connecting to our meeting simply dials the conference line at the appropriate time, enters the participant code, and we are all instantly connected. Our firm lines use a different host code so we can control features such as recording the call, muting the participants, etc.

The best thing about this system by far is that we are not responsible for getting everyone connected to the call. Every participant, internal or external, simply dials the phone number and enters the code at the designated date and time. Gone for us are the days of putting callers on hold while we try to use an internal conferencing system to connect multiple parties.

The two tools mentioned so far are all that is really needed for an effective virtual meeting, but a third tool we often use is the basic Web camera. We have found this a great way to connect with our prospects and clients regardless of whether we have ever met in person or not. In fact, our experience has been that it does not even matter if the client has a camera on their end, as video conferencing is even less familiar to most people than screen sharing. My partner and I use the cameras and Skype to videoconference together at least weekly, but for the virtual meetings we just use the cameras to show our smiling faces to our attendees. Almost any Web camera will work, but we usually prefer cameras from Logitech. That topic leads to a brief discussion of what a typical virtual meeting looks like and costs, so let’s expand on that here.

A typical virtual meeting starts with someone from our staff emailing detailed instructions to the attendees. These include exactly how to connect to the audio call, how to be ready to accept the code for connecting to the screen sharing, and even how to test their computer ahead of time to make sure they can use the screen sharing program. The email is very thorough and includes screen shots of places where the attendees need to click or input something to be ready to go. Once we are all connected on the audio call, the attendees are given the code for activating the screen sharing, and within a few seconds we are all connected there as well. Often this is the spot where we will use the Web camera to move the video picture of ourselves into the screen sharing box so that clients can see us live as we are making introductions and having small talk at the beginning of the meeting. Then as we move into the meat of the meeting, we simply slide the camera window out of sight so that we can focus on the PowerPoint, Excel spreadsheet, website or whatever else we are using as visuals for the call. If my partner and I are both on the call, the control of the mouse is easily shared back and forth even though we are usually several states apart. As the meeting is concluding, we often slide the camera window back into view so that clients can see us again as we sign off, giving it a very personal touch at the end.

So what is the cost for communicating with all of this advanced technology? About $40 per month for the Glance subscription, about $100 for Logitech’s best webcam, and nothing for the conference call service (every caller just pays their own long distance charges). We are still amazed at the low cost of providing high quality virtual meetings that we could only have dreamed of just a few years ago. In fact, last year we were referred to a prospective client living on the other side of the globe, and after just a single, two-hour virtual meeting, he was asking us to email him the documents so he could sign up as a client. It is highly unlikely we would have secured this client so quickly, or maybe even at all, if we were not already adept at hosting virtual meetings.

This communication method is available now and becoming more accepted (and even preferred) by clients and prospects, and the technology is ridiculously inexpensive. It has benefited our practice tremendously, and has extended our geographic reach so that our firm’s one-hour drive circle has grown to include any location on Earth with a high-speed Internet connection. Now that is quite a database of prospective clients.

-- Ted S. Rich, Vinoy Capital

* * *

VINOY CAPITAL, LLC is an independent, fee-only, registered investment advisory firm headquartered in Orlando, Florida with an additional location in Boulder, Colorado. Vinoy provides discretionary money management and selective, strategic financial advice to individuals, families and institutions. Contact related to this column should be directed to Ted Rich at 407-599-1104.

March 17, 2010

Customer Success Story | Glance Improves VisiStat's Demos by 75%

A Glance Customer Success Story

Tina Bean uses Glance Who
Tina Bean
Co-founder & Vice President, Sales & Marketing, VisiStat, Inc.                          

About Tina
Tina’s career took an uncommon journey from California real estate agent to high-tech marketing when she discovered the power of Web analytics. Today, she specializes in showing realtors and other SMBs how to win business with VisiStat, her company’s suite of Website tracking tools. 

Tina is also a prolific blogger and Twitter user, sharing her knowledge about Web analytics for business and the sales process. According to one of her colleagues, “Tina Bean is one of the most effective and contagious thought leaders I've ever seen.”
Quote from Tina Bean
What She Sells
VisiStat provides a suite of easy-to-use Website tracking tools for inbound marketing and lead generation. It offers real-time traffic data for anyone who wants to see who is visiting their Website, how long they stayed, what search engines and keywords brought them and more.

“We are next generation Web analytics because our technology focuses on uncomplicated and extremely valuable instant information that shows exactly how many human visitors go to a Website, as opposed to traditional or old-generation log file reporting” said Bean.

Tina’s Sales Challenge
Tina works daily to win new customers, target new vertical markets, and keep her current customers happy. But she faces three key challenges in forging and maintaining these relationships:

1) How to demonstrate the potential of a real-time data-centric solution…
2) to a non-techie audience…
3) without having to travel the country endlessly.

Although the Web analytics solution involves complex technology under the hood, VisiStat was built specifically to be easy to use for non-tech and low-tech customers. She needed a sales tool that would help her communicate the speed, power and value of real-time web analytics, while also showcasing its simplicity during sales presentations and demos.

How Glance Helps
Tina believes her products’ features and capabilities speak for themselves; all she has to do is show a prospect how they work in the real world. She uses Glance to demonstrate VisiStat’s real-time technology in real-time.

Glance is a fast and lightweight screen-sharing tool that can easily keep up with VisiStat’s real-time data processing when she’s demoing her software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution using the prospect’s own Web traffic. “I can tell you all day long how great my product is. But until you see it analyzing your web site in real time, you’ll really understand what I’m talking about. Other technologies can’t keep up with the real-time data provided by VisiStat. Glance is instantaneous and able to keep up with what I’m doing,” she said.

Glance is also the perfect sales enablement tool for her non-technical audience since it requires no software to download and controls to master. “The dead space on the other end of the phone while the customer is downloading WebEx or some other web conferencing tool is excruciating. Using Glance, my demos have improved by 75 percent,” she added.

“Glance has paid for itself many times over,” said Tina, who uses it daily to host webinars and product demonstrations on the fly. “Glance is instrumental in demoing and closing a sales lead. It was has streamlined VisiStat’s sales process.

“I can’t afford the time and expense to fly all over the country showing software. Instead, a customer lead turns into a prospect. The prospect trials the software and we contact them a week later to do a real-time demo of technology with Glance. This accelerated sales process has opened many more doors for us compared to the old way of endless travel for in-person meetings.”


About VisiStat
VisiStat, Inc. distinguishes itself from other analytics services, such as Google, ClickTracks and WebTrends, by being the first on-demand Web analytics provider to focus on complete Website management and online marketing performance for business, sales and marketing-level needs. VisiStat continues to be the price-performance leader in real-time site management tools, providing intuitive visual reports specifically designed for Web 2.0 business applications and Website productivity. VisiStat.com turns Website visitor tracking into actionable business intelligence. A privately held company founded in 2005, VisiStat, Inc., is based in Campbell, CA. To learn more, or sign up for a full, no-obligation free trial, visit www.VisiStat.com or call 408-725-9377.

About Glance
Glance is a simple, quick-connecting screen-sharing tool designed to help sales pros maximize every conversation within all steps of the sales cycle; prospect, demo, close and support. The Arlington, Mass.-based Company’s technology is used by thousands of companies worldwide. For more information, or to sign up for a free, 7-day trial, visit www.glance.net or call 1-888-945-2623.

March 17, 2010

Customer Success Story | SelectRISC Uses Glance to Demonstrate the Power and Capabilities of Their System

A Glance Customer Success Story

WhoSelectRISC uses Glance
John Cook
President, SelectRISC

About John
John’s approach to business is, “Old school values delivered by new school technologies.” John’s company is in the business of financially protecting family possessions during relocation. Families often experience financial and emotional stress when they move. The ability to provide insurance with a reassuring personal touch is critical to his success. And while it may seem counterintuitive, he believes that technology is pivotal in enabling him to deliver that personal touch. 

What He Sells
SelectRISC’s sales reps offer employee relocation insurance for corporate and government-sponsored moves. It protects families’ possessions all the way from packing through unpacking. John typically does sales demos to the Relocation Departments of large organizations, or to outsourced relocation management companies hired by organizations.

SelectRISC provides the fastest possible claims resolution with its state-of-the-art online claims center. “Damage and loss are frequent occurrences, even with the most careful movers. There’s a lot emotion attached to those things that are lost. When that happens, employers feel that they have failed their employees. That’s where we offer a solution,” said Cook.

John’s Sales Challenges
Moving companies often bundle property protection schemes into their moving packages, marketing them as “free insurance.” But the plans are often not insurance policies at all, often the protection is extremely limited.

“It’s hard to compete against free,” he said. But John almost always wins the battle if he’s able to show prospects his three key differentiators, during a sales demo:

1) The comprehensiveness of the coverage,
2) The personal touch he provides for each client, and most importantly,
3) SelectRISC’s cutting-edge online claims system.

 How Glance Helps
John uses Glance to demonstrate the power and capabilities of his system to prospects on the Web. “We recently were asked to quote a project for a large brand-name manufacturer, which I did from my remote Texas office to a roomful of top executives and risk managers in the boardroom of their Chicago headquarters,” he said. “They asked me to present using their corporate web conferencing tool, which failed miserably. So I instantly fired up a Glance session and saved the day.”

“We had tried a few other web conferencing tools in the past, but they were unreliable and constantly let us down, which could hurt business. Glance, by comparison, has been rock-solid reliable since the first time we tried it,” he said.

In addition to being a sales enablement tool, SelectRISC uses Glance as a team collaboration tool for product development.

SelectRISC has slashed its travel budget by more than 50 percent using Glance, without sacrificing the company’s hallmark personal touch. He’s found prospects prefer the time-saving convenience as well.

“My customers are time-starved executives. With Glance, I can be more respectful of their constraints and show them how our system works in real time without overstepping my welcome. It’s fast, simple and gets the job done without getting in the way,” he added.


About SelectRISC
SelectRISC is all about protecting families exposed in corporate relocation to the financial and emotional costs of loss or damage to their most personal possessions. We do this by using our industry leading experience to arrange the very best insurance coverage and "old school service" we would provide to our own families.

About Glance
Glance is a simple, quick-connecting screen-sharing tool designed to help sales pros maximize every conversation within all steps of the sales cycle; prospect, demo, close and support. The Arlington, Mass.-based Company’s technology is used by thousands of companies worldwide. For more information, or to sign up for a free, 7-day trial, visit www.glance.net or call 1-888-945-2623.

March 17, 2010

Customer Success Story | Glance Saves HubCast Big Money

A Glance Customer Success Story

Devin Golden Uses Glance Who
Devin Golden
Vice President of Sales, HubCast

About Devin
Devin’s mission is to revolutionize the way commercial printing is bought, produced and delivered across the globe. His company is blazing a new market category called cloud printing. And Devin believes it will do for marketing collateral what Amazon did for book buying. With the help of Glance, he hopes to turn-on all the big global brands to the ease, cost-savings and eco-friendly advantages of his Internet-powered printing solution.

Quote from Devin Golden What He Sells
HubCast is a digital print delivery network that lets communication professionals get their sales and marketing materials printed anywhere in the world faster, cheaper, and better than ever before.

Devin’s Sales Challenge
Devin is trying to overcome the natural resistance and unfamiliarity that comes with establishing a new market category. It’s not that he has to struggle to convince marketers why they need cloud printing – the value proposition is a no-brainer. He just needs to let them see and touch solution first hand so that they can experience their own “aha” moment. 

How Glance Helps
Devin said that because HubCast is a web-based cloud application, Glance is the perfect, seamless medium for demonstrating the service’s capabilities in real time. “Glance makes it quick and easy for our sales reps to engage clients as part of the sales process. Prospects can see exactly how easy it is for them to get print done on a global basis by showing how HubCast works in a real-world experience,” he said.

Glance has also helped his sales team gain trust from cautious clients. HubCast sells mainly to senior sales and marketing executives whose job includes protecting the corporate brand image. Glance enables sales reps to showcase all the quality controls built into the service to put their mind at ease. 


Devin said Glance’s greatest benefit is its rock-solid reliability and ease of use. He’s used numerous online presentation tools through the years, including WebEx, GoToMeeting, Microsoft LiveMeeting and DimDim, and all have failed him. “Our most recent tool was ReadyTalk, and we experienced malfunctions or problems with it on every sales call, literally. Glance works every time.”

“Glance helps us deliver a better overall customer experience, which leads to higher conversion rates. When we used LiveMeeting for webinars, a third of the people who signed up dropped out because of technical difficulties, or because they didn’t want to download software. With Glance, we’re getting nearly 100% participation with no drop outs.”

Devin said that Glance is also saving HubCast big money. “We’re saving about 30% annually in licensing and management costs compared to the other tools we’ve used. And that’s just the software ROI. When you factor in the business won due to the better user experience and usability, the ROI goes way up,” he said.


About HubCast
HubCast is a technology platform that empowers Communication Services Firms to deliver distributed print for their enterprise clients. We leverage a powerful team, an alliance of partners, and the most advanced digital print technologies. HubCast is a tool that enables modern print communications service providers to help their enterprise clients maximize Return On Communications Investment (ROCI). The HubCast community is creating a market leading exchange for boundary-less growth.

About Glance
Glance is a simple, quick-connecting screen-sharing tool designed to help sales pros maximize every conversation within all steps of the sales cycle; prospect, demo, close and support. The Arlington, Mass.-based Company’s technology is used by thousands of companies worldwide. For more information, or to sign up for a free, 7-day trial, visit www.glance.net or call 1-888-945-2623.

March 16, 2010

Customer Success Story | Glance Has Increased CabConnect's Customer Acquisition

A Glance Customer Success StorySteve Michel uses Glance

Steve Michel
VP, Sales & Marketing, CabConnect

About Steve
Steve has a long history of bringing “old school” businesses into the digital age. In his latest venture, he aims to revolutionize ground transportation organizations (like cab companies, transit authorities, etc.) with technologies that let them operate more profitably, efficiently, and eco-friendly.

Steve Michel Uses Glance What He Sells
CabConnect’s software suite includes electronic payment systems, GPS services, driver cashiering and personalized card-swipe programs. Cab companies offer the service to businesses who provide corporate-funded transportation for employees and guests, while getting a better grip on transportation expenses and cost cutting. Transit organizations such as the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) use CabConnect for its paratransit taxi debit card service, eliminating customer fraud, while delivering a better user experience. CabConnect coordinates and manages all the back-office resources and functions of busy transportation companies. 
Steve’s Sales Challenge
Steve struggles with the inflexibility that can characterize ground transportation companies. Most believe the business processes and systems they’ve implemented over the years provide their differentiation, and an off-the-shelf solution like CabConnect can’t improve or address their unique needs.
Steven also faces stiff competition from larger, older transportation software vendors offering traditional “point products” that address a specific function, such as taxi cashiering.

How Glance Helps
With Glance, CabConnect is no longer dependent on sales materials, videos and slide shows as the door opener for new prospects. Using Glance, Steven’s sales team can show skeptical prospects the real thing, demonstrating in real time exactly how CabConnect’s suite of software tools work together to solve business problems in a real-world environment.

Glance also enhances CabConnect’s team selling model. “Recently I was in a sales situation where I needed to bring in one of our engineers to handle the technical part of the demo. Even though I was in Chicago, he was in Cleveland and the prospect was in California, Glance enabled me to hand him the baton without any disruption to the presentation’s flow,” he said.

Steve also uses Glance for training, which he believes is one of CabConnect’s competitive advantages.

Glance has benefited CabConnect in three key ways, Steve said:
1.    Reduced travel costs;
2.    Improved customer acquisition; and
3.    Increased customer retention.

“Glance is the most intuitive, easiest to use and most effective way to bring the client into your point of view. Prospects don’t have to install software and muck around with software. They don’t have the patience or time for it. With Glance, it’s not an issue.”

“Glance has definitely increased our customer acquisition and throughput. We can now reach customers no matter where they are located, both on the fly and at their convenience. And we can enhance the customer service experience by using Glance to provide instruction and hand-holding,” Steve said.


About CabConnect

CabConnect is a technology company whose goal is to improve operations for ground transportation companies. Cabconnect offers an all-encompassing software suite of products designed to coordinate and manage all the resources, information and functions of busy enterprises
The company helps transportation companies, no matter what size, operate more profitably and efficiently. CabConnect has taken advantage of the latest technologies and have developed key strategic business partnerships to offer customers a system of management software that will give them the technological edge and level of service that is necessary in this competitive and budget-conscious environment.

About Glance
Glance is a simple, quick-connecting screen-sharing tool designed to help sales pros maximize every conversation within all steps of the sales cycle; prospect, demo, close and support. The Arlington, Mass.-based Company’s technology is used by thousands of companies worldwide. For more information, or to sign up for a free, 7-day trial, visit www.glance.net or call 1-888-945-2623.