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July 15, 2013

"No more downloads!" say mobile web users

 "Only 27%" of mobile web users "regularly download apps when prompted," says eWeek, citing a recent survey by Netbiscuits.EWeek - Only 27 percent of consumers regularly download apps when prompted


That means nearly three-fourths of consumers refuse to download a mobile app from a website.  Asked why, eWeek reports that:

  • 37% say they're just browsing for information
  • 29% say they don't want to "waste data time" downloading an app
  • 29% say they prefer working with Websites
  • 16% say they have too many apps
  • 9% say they don't have the time

That's why we designed Glance as a no download tool.  With Glance, inside sales and support reps can instantly:

  • Show anything on their desktop or
  • View anything inside their customer's browser

without making customers download a mobile app, plug-in or other software.  

Customers use their favorite browser from any PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Andoroid mobile device.  Everyone connects instantly.  

Try Glance now.  See how delightful an effortless, no download visual experience can be for your customers.

- Rich Baker, Glance CTO & Founder

June 13, 2013

Get the latest Glance for Mac: Beta now available

Our latest version of Glance for Mac is now in beta.  It's got lots of cool new features:

  • Viewing guests connect instantly (no download or plug-in)
  • Host keyless sessions (for effortless connects)
  • Let guests with the Glance app show their screens, too
  • Share your webcam or any other Quicktime video source
  • Collect your guests' contact info
  • Encrypt your sessions

Learn more here.

Get the beta here.  Then click G > Settings to enable the features you want.

Tell us what you think!  Email beta@glance.net or call us at 877-452-6236.

May 24, 2013

Try our latest Glance for Mac (Alpha release)

Great news for all Mac lovers!  The latest version (2.8) of Glance for Mac is now available as an Alpha release.  It includes all the features that Glance users on PCs enjoy today -- and more.

If you are comfortable using pre-release software, we invite you to start using it.



    Update (13 Jun 2013):  Beta version now available!  Download it here.

  1. Download it here:  http://www.glance.net/install/GlanceMac_2.8alpha.zip
    If you are using the Chrome browser, try this link instead:

  2. Find the GlanceMac_2.8alpha.pkg file in your Download folder.  Double-click and install it.

G_b-iconIt will replace the old version in your Applications folder.  Its icon includes a b to remind you it's the new pre-production version.

Should you want to revert back to the production version (2.5.6), open your Applications folder and move the 2.8 Glance application to Trash.  Then click the Download link at the top of our home page to get 2.5.6.



Click G > Settings and you'll see lots of cool new stuff!  Read on to learn about each highlighted option:

Glance for Mac 2-8-8 settings box



Do you often use Glance to show your screen to others?  Select Instantly (no download).  Whenever you start a session to show my screen, your guests will never be asked to download software or install a plug-in or app.  They don't need Flash or Java, either.  They can be on any PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device.  It just works.

(Please note that if you start a session to view guest's screen, a first-time guest will still be prompted to download a small plug-in.  That step is required by their computer to enforce privacy.)

If you show animations or video, consider the high performance plug-in option. First-time guests will be prompted to install it, which usually takes a few moments. Guests with keen eyesight will be rewarded with crisper text and (sometimes) a few more updates per second.



Glance can now ask guests to provide contact information before joining your session. You decide which info is Required or Optional.  Or tell Glance to Don't ask for it.  

View or download the info by logging into the My Account area on our website glance.net (top-right corner).



Consider going keyless for sales demos, training sessions or webinars, or whenever you feel less concerned about security. By skipping the key, your guests connect faster.


TIP:  For the fastest possible connect, choose Join Instantly (no download), go keyless and tell Glance to Don't Ask for any guest contact info.  Effortless! 



Enable Encrypt my sessions to secure all transmitted data, using the same TLS/SLL technology employed by online banks and merchants.



Any guest can now show their screen during your sessions.  Guests who already have Glance are all set. Others who want to present should visit http://glance.net/guest to get Glance's free software before joining the session.

Whenever you enable this option, every guest with a G-icon can click G > Show my screen at any time. They don't have to "raise" a virtual hand to ask permission.  They just "show."  

Everyone sees whoever has most recently chosen G > Show my screen.  

If someone wants to stop showing, he can wait for someone else to show their screen or he can click G > Hide my screen.  While it's hidden, everyone sees the message "Screen not being shown."   Anyone clicking G > Show my screen becomes the new presenter.

This feature feels very Glance-esque:  fast and lightweight.  We think you'll find it's perfect for remote tech support, training, collaboration and small meetings.  



Guests see whichever monitor you select from the Show dropdown list.  That list now includes your Mac's iSight or Facetime webcam and any other attached Quicktime video source. Show these video sources as easily as you show your screen.

Glance for Mac 2-8-8 quicktime video settings
Capture and Scale controls appear whenver you choose a video source.  Adjust them to trade off video quality and performance. For example, 320x240 at 100% seems to work well with the iSight webcam for most networks.

(Upon final release, Quicktime video might not be available on all subscription plans.)



  • When your show a Quicktime video source, you do not have a local view of the video being sent.
  • Windows Phone 8 cannot join a session today
  • If you start a G > View guest screen session and your guest is on a Mac that's running Lion or Mountain Lion, the guest might have trouble connecting.  We're working on a fix. 
    [Update (13 Jun 2013):  Fixed in the beta version.]



Please help us make this another rock-solid release.  

Hammer on it.  Make it jump through all your hoops.  Turn on Instant Join.  Have guests connect from other Macs, PCs (yes, some people still have one), iPads, iPhones and all the Android flavors.  

Then tell us what you think.  Email us at beta@glance.net or give us a ring.  And keep on Glancin'!


November 05, 2012

We're looking for a software QA Engineer

Glance (www.glance.net) is looking for a QA Engineer.  We're a small Internet company located in Arlington between Mass Ave and the Minuteman Bike Trail.  We provide a simple, quick screen-sharing service for remote demos and presentations.  We’re a bootstrapped company, cash-flow positive and growing.  We have thousands of customers world-wide, including well-known names in the technology industry. 

We’re looking to expand our QA team, particularly to support some new and existing web services. We’re looking for someone who wants a challenge and always likes to learn the latest technologies; who takes pride in shipping a polished, reliable product but also understands the urgency of getting something out the door.


  • Experience in QA for a consumer or B2B SAAS product or web application, preferably on a small team in a small company.
  • Expert at testing web sites and web applications, particularly web application security, stress testing and UI/UX testing.
  • Familiarity with web testing tools, especially lower end or open source security and load testing tools is desired
  • Experience with Windows and Windows application testing
  • Experience with Macs and Mac application testing
  • Familiarity with bug and defect tracking systems and QA/Release procedures
  • Ability to create and write test plans
  • Should be willing to interact with customers on escalated support calls or to reproduce or diagnose problems
  • Familiarity with web and Internet technologies, TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, proxy servers, firewalls, various browsers and settings, cookies
  •  Some experience with HTML/CSS, modern web site technologies

Any of these would be a plus:

  • Familiarity with mobile operating systems (iOS, Android) and mobile web sites.
  • Salesforce.com and Salesforce AppExchange applications
  • Wordpress
  • Experience using FreeBSD or other Unix variant
  • Photoshop or other graphics tools, video, Javascript, AJAX, HTML-5, other web technologies
  • SQL-Server database and SQL queries

Write us at devjobs@glance.net with your thoughts on this position and links to your LinkedIn profile/resume/blog/twitter/whatever-you-got about you!

This is a full-time, on-site position, local candidates only please.  We would only consider a contract if you’d be seriously interested in a contract-to-perm, no contract agencies please.

January 12, 2012

Lucid Meetings Integrates Glance Instant Screen Sharing Into Virtual Meeting Service

Glance emerging as screen-sharing technology of choice for OEMs


Arlington, Mass. January 12, 2012 – Glance Networks (http://www.glance.net), which provides the best instant screen-sharing tool for sales and support professionals, announced today that Lucid Meetings has integrated Glance’s service as part of its offering. Lucid users can now integrate Glance sessions into their own meetings allowing participants access from any device, be it desktop or mobile.

Presenters can start a Glance session by clicking on a “Share” button within the Lucid Meetings interface. No software downloads are required for participants, who are instantly able to view the presenter’s screen.


“We sought a partnership where API development was core to the vendor’s strategy – so that we could integrate it tightly and in turn provide our clients with a screen-sharing solution that was quick, easy and just worked,” said Elise McIntosh, co-founder of Lucid Meetings. “Having tried to integrate other solutions, we knew what we did and didn’t want – and our research led us to Glance. We’re very excited to be the first virtual meeting service to provide this fantastic technology to our users; feedback on this new feature from our early customers has been extremely positive.”


Glance is emerging as the screen-sharing platform of choice for many OEM software and service vendors due to the flexible APIs, its simple yet secure architecture, excellent support for mobile devices, and the fact that no software is required for meeting participants. Other Glance integrations include Salesforce.com and LivePerson.


Tom Scontras, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Glance, said, “Lucid Meetings is making internal meetings infinitely easier and more efficient, and we think the addition of instant screen sharing will bring huge advantages to their customers. We’re proud to now be a part of their innovative service.”


The Lucid/Glance integration is available immediately to Lucid Meetings customers. To learn more, visit www.lucidmeetings.com.


About Lucid Meetings

Lucid Meetings (www.lucidmeetings.com) is the only virtual meeting service designed to meet the unique requirements of working teams.  Lucid's online meeting service combines state of the art collaboration, communication, and web conferencing software to support professional meeting preparation, a fully collaborative real-time meeting experience, and the creation of rich, actionable meeting records.  Lucid Meetings is based in Portland, Oregon, where its founders have spent more than fifteen years developing and delivering a variety of online collaboration services for working teams and committees.


About Glance Networks 

Glance Networks (www.glance.net) provides the only instant screen-sharing technology that’s integrated with popular customer-facing applications to help companies measurably improve sales and service interactions. Glance enables sales and support reps to launch on-the-fly screen-sharing sessions from directly within the customer applications they’re already using – such as Salesforce.com and LivePerson – and provide managers with real-time reports on the impact those sessions have on sales and customer service metrics. Founded by Taylor Kew and former PictureTel CTO Rich Baker, Glance is headquartered in Arlington, MA and has more than 2,600 customers worldwide including Deluxe Corporation, Reed Business, Constant Contact and InfoUSA.


For more information or to learn more, email sales@glance.net or call 1-888-945-2623 (toll-free USA) or +1-781-316-2596 (international).

January 10, 2012

Screen-Sharing Tool from Glance Helps Deluxe Corporation Improve Sales and Service Productivity

“Glance has made a major impact on our team’s productivity and helped shorten our sales cycles considerably. Our customers want a quick and easy product demo, and Glance delivers.”

Mark McCarthy
Director of Sales Competency and Training Deluxe Corporation


Mark McCarthy
Director of Sales Competency and Training, Deluxe Corporation

About Deluxe

Deluxe Corporation (NYSE: DLX), headquartered in St. Paul, Minn. provides a variety of products and services that help small businesses and financial institutions attract and retain customers. In addition to its personalized printed products, Deluxe offers a growing suite of business services, including logo design, payroll, web design and hosting, business networking and other web-based services to help small businesses grow. In the financial services industry, Deluxe sells check programs and fraud prevention, customer loyalty and retention programs to help banks build lasting relationships and grow core deposits.

Deluxe’s Challenge

Deluxe sales and support representatives do much of their selling by phone, and product demos are key to those interactions. Deluxe reps often need to share their screens with customers, either to close business or resolve service issues.

In recent years, Deluxe sales reps found that time pressure had increasingly become the key challenge small business owners faced when working with Deluxe over the phone. Customers would say, “I don’t have much time - if you can’t do this fast, I have to go.” Mark McCarthy, Director of Sales Competency and Training for Deluxe, knew the company had to find a way to shorten screen-sharing sessions without sacrificing the quality of interactions.

“It’s easier to demonstrate to a customer how our financial payroll services work rather than just talk about it over the phone,” says McCarthy. “But our small business customers don’t have the capacity, time or resources to engage in a lengthy series of meetings. We wanted a fast and easy screen-sharing tool that would enable reps to quickly and clearly demonstrate our offerings so customers could make a decision on the spot.”  McCarthy knew that if Deluxe could better engage customers during the demo process, its sales revenue would rise.

How Glance Helps

As he researched possible alternatives, McCarthy came across an article by a respected blogger on Glance and his interest was piqued.

Glance’s service is known for simplicity and speed – session participants are connected in seconds with one click and no software to download. Reps simply invite customers to visit their personal Glance URL and enter a 4-digit security key code, and moments later the customer can see the rep’s screen. Reps can share control of their mouse and keyboard, so it feels like they’re working side-by-side with the customer, and can even initiate reverse sessions where they can view the customer’s screen (with permission).

It was just what Deluxe needed. After an evaluation, McCarthy and his team implemented Glance. Deluxe customers now enjoy the instant connection that Glance’s screen-sharing service provides. Deluxe sales reps can quickly demo online marketing services, work together to customize retail products, negotiate contracts and deliver training, all via Glance sessions. Because no data is exchanged between devices, sessions are completely secure – critical given that many Deluxe customers are financial institutions.

Glance is now a key part of the company’s formal sales process for two nationwide sales groups in the United States and parts of Canada. In addition, Deluxe often uses Glance internally as a tool to train its own staff on its products and services.

“Glance has met all of our expectations and is simple to use and administer.  Our sales reps love Glance,” says McCarthy.


Currently Deluxe has more than 100 sales and service reps nationwide using Glance, all day, every day. Recently, Deluxe launched a new retail business services division and Glance was essential to the success of this launch due to the volume of demos required.

McCarthy reports that productivity has definitely improved since Deluxe implemented Glance and the feedback from the sales divisions has been overwhelmingly positive. Sales reps no longer hear from their customers “I don’t have time for this,” and Glance has proven to be highly reliable enabling reps to spend more time selling.

McCarthy originally purchased individual licenses for Deluxe reps, but upgraded to an enterprise license in 2011 to accommodate the company’s growing use of Glance. Next up, Deluxe will integrate Glance with salesforce.com, its sales and service system of record. This will enable Deluxe reps to launch collaborative sales and support sessions simply by clicking on a Glance icon appearing on any salesforce.com object. Glance for Salesforce automatically tracks and stores all session activity, enabling real-time, accurate reporting, and allows customers to join sessions from any mobile device, including iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android. 

“Glance has made a major impact on our team’s productivity and helped shorten our sales cycles considerably,” says McCarthy. “Glance was the right choice for us. Our customers want a quick and easy product demo, and Glance delivers.”


-Sarah L. Bright, Glance Networks

September 01, 2011

Glance releases version 2.0 for Salesforce and completes award-winning screen-sharing integration for Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Chatter and Mobile.

The only real-time, screen-sharing service for customer-facing demos, presentation and support sessions.

San Francisco, Calif. – Aug. 31, 2011 – From Dreamforce 2011 (Booth #701, with partner Bluewolf), Glance Networks today launched version 2.0 of Glance for Salesforce, its award-winning screen-sharing technology. 

The upgrade extends the company’s sales cloud offering to the service cloud, allowing agents to launch collaborative support sessions simply by clicking on a Glance icon appearing on Ad.pic any salesforce.com object.  

Like its initial release, the service automatically tracks and stores all support activity, enabling real-time, accurate reporting; with 2.0 Glance has added new sales and services dashboards, each including six customizable reports. 

Known for its focus on real time engagement, Glance’s version 2.0 also incorporates a 
“mobile join” feature, allowing guests to connect to sessions via any mobile device, including iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android. 

The company has also incorporated Glance for Chatter, a built-in service that automatically updates the status of demos, online presentations or remote support sessions.  Included within the Chat notification is a link to the session in progress; users can simply click and instantly join.

In preparing for the release, the company presented sneak peek opportunities to a select group of industry experts, analysts and clients – as a result, Glance for Salesforce was recently named a “Top 10 App for Salesforce” by DemandGen Report and “A Must-Have Tool for Salesforce.com Users” by Smart Selling Tools. With a user rating score of 4.8 (out of 5), Glance for Salesforce is now one of the most highly rated Apps for sales and service productivity on the AppExchange.

“Salesforce.com customers are looking for means to make their sales and services organizations more efficient and effective,” says Tom Scontras, VP Sales and Marketing at Glance Networks. “It’s simple; our customers want tools that improve real-time communications with prospects and customers. Glance for Salesforce 2.0 completes that picture by consolidating demo, presentation and remote support tools into one simple, integrated service.” 

Reed Construction Data is one of many companies that have already made Glance for Salesforce a key part of their sales and support processes. “We rely heavily on demos as part of our sales process, and are a big Salesforce customer,” explained Lisa Fiondella, Chief Customer Officer at Reed. “Layering Glance on top of our Salesforce implementation has helped Reed significantly boost sales team productivity. To date, with Salesforce.com and Glance we’ve reduced sales cycles by 60 percent and improved lead conversion rates by 40 percent. We’re looking forward to taking advantage of the features in Glance for Salesforce 2.0 in order to expand the benefits beyond our sales group and into the service team.”

Glance will demonstrate Glance for Salesforce 2.0 publicly for the first time at this week’s Dreamforce 2011 conference. The company is co-exhibiting with agile business consulting firm Bluewolf in booth #701. Reed’s Fiondella is a featured speaker in the Bluewolf theater, in a session titled, “Increasing Productivity, Conversion Rates, and Revenue by Integrating Salesforce.com Apps.”

To learn more about Glance for Salesforce, visit www.glance.net or view a demo and more detailed information at the Salesforce AppExchange.

About Glance Networks

Glance Networks (www.glance.net) provides the only instant screen-sharing technology that’s integrated with popular customer-facing applications to help companies measurably improve sales and service interactions. Glance enables sales and support reps to launch on-the-fly screen-sharing sessions from directly within the customer applications they’re already using – such as Salesforce.com and LivePerson – and provides managers with real-time reports on the impact those sessions have on sales and customer service metrics. Founded by former PictureTel CTO Rich Baker, Glance is headquartered in Arlington, MA and has more than 6,000 customers worldwide including Deluxe Corporation, Franklin Templeton, Vehix, Choice Hotels, Ciba Vision and InfoUSA.

 # # #

Glance Networks and Glance are trademarks of Glance Networks Inc.  All other trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.

June 16, 2011

Making Chatter Matter: Glance Launches Integrated Demo and Support Session Tool for salesforce.com’s Chatter

Free add-on to Glance for Salesforce alerts Chatter users about real-time demos and support sessions occurring with the people, prospects and customers that matter most

Boston, Mass. – Cloudforce Boston – June 16, 2011 – At today’s salesforce.com Cloudforce Boston event, Glance Networks (http://www.glance.net) launched Glance for Chatter, a new add-on to its Glance for Salesforce solution that automatically alerts Salesforce users via Chatter whenever impromptu, collaborative selling and support sessions happen with people, prospects or customers they follow.

Glance provides the only instant screen-sharing technology that’s integrated with popular customer-facing applications, such as Salesforce, to help companies measurably improve sales and service interactions.

Glance for Salesforce lets sales and support reps launch sessions simply by clicking a Glance icon that appears on every lead, account, opportunity, contact, case and campaign object.  The deep integration allows Glance’s Cloud Service to automatically track and store session activity, enabling accurate real-time reporting, dashboards and analysis. Now, companies have the option of adding Glance for Chatter.

“Social enterprises that already leverage the Force.com platform and Chatter to facilitate swift communication among team members can really benefit from Glance for Chatter,” said Tom Scontras, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Glance.

The innovative service automatically posts an update each time a demo, online presentation or remote support session begins. The notification includes a link to the session, which Chatter users can click to join from any computer, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, iPad, Playbook or other mobile device. 

“People understand the great potential of Chatter,” said Scontras. “We are extending that value by informing the right people at the right time that an event is taking place.  And now they can join those conversations – instantly.”

Glance will demonstrate Glance for Chatter publicly for the first time at today’s Cloudforce Boston event.  Organizations interested in evaluating the integration can schedule a 14-day trial by contacting Glance Networks directly at +1 617-834-4454. 

About Glance Networks
Glance provides the first on-the-fly-demo tool that enables users to launch impromptu sales and support sessions instantly with one click. Designed to foster relationship building in a Sales 2.0 world, Glance solutions are used by thousands of companies worldwide to enhance productivity, shorten sales cycles, reduce costs and close more business. Learn more and sign up for a free trial at http://www.glance.net.

January 17, 2011

Join Glance and Other Savvy Sales Pros at AA-ISP's "Inside Sales 2011", Feb. 10, San Francisco

Register today >>

The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals presents Inside Sales 2011 - San Francisco, Feb. 10 -- the only conference dedicated exclusively to the "front lines" of Inside Sales.

This event will bring together Inside Sales Professionals to learn, share, and network. Tom Scontras, VP Sales & Marketing at Glance Networks, is scheduled to speak, along with Steve Richard, Co-Founder and President, Vorsight, Josiane Feigon, Founder & President, TeleSmart Communications, Brett Wallace, Vice-President Sales, Zoominfo, and many others.

As a platinum sponsor, Glance invites you to join us for a day of Sales best practices in San Francisco!

-- Carla Gates, Director, Marketing, Glance Networks



January 04, 2011

Join Glance at Sales 2.0, March 7-8 | THE Event for Savvy Sales, Marketing, and Sales Ops Leaders

Network with and learn from leading authorities and businesses in the Sales 2.0 industry -- join Images Glance at San Francisco's Four Seasons Hotel, March 7-8 for The Sales 2.0 Conference.

Speakers include Selling Power magazine CEO Gerhard Gschwandtner, "Celebrity CMO" and author, Jeff Hayzlett, and Sales 2.0 author Anneke Seley.

Breakout sessions include topics on next gen sales ops, social selling, new tools to make you more effective, and top trends in compensation and sales performance.

Look for Glance's booth at the conference and stop by and say hi!