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December 27, 2012

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A Holiday Gift - The Greatest Sales Videos

The holidays are here and we reach the dreaded days between Christmas and New Year's. There's the lucky group taking this week off and maybe going somewhere warm or spending their huge bonus whether it's been paid or not, and everyone else who's working this week, calling on people that are probably looking to sell but not to buy.

It's little surprise that this week tends to get filled with long lunches, long range planning, budgets, complaining about gifts you recieved or complaining about your family in general. There's also the time honored tradition of wasting time surfing the web.

In that vein, instead of doing a holiday email to the house list that everyone would ignore anyway, I've assembled a list of classic videos. A few disclaimers - I was shooting for a 12 days of Christmas, but came up light on the count, so be it. Second, while many of the videos are considered great, and you need to be aware of them as classics as they come up in discussion, they actually tend to make sales look either a.) Sleazy b.)Depressing or c.)Both. But, they are entertaining.

I would normally lead off with David Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross, featuring the not safe for work f-bomb loaded Alec Baldwin "motivational" speech, but that's been done in every sales video post since the dawn of blogging. If you haven't seen the holiday version you have been missing out. I apologize that you'll probably have to sit through a pre-roll ad, but that's the price of SNL videos that they host themselves.

Anyone even remotely connected with cold calling gets a kick out of Giovanni Ribisi's feedback session (warning, adult language):


Door to door has mostly gone the way of the Fuller Brush Man, but this video has generated some action thanks to non-stop patter (and yes, sorry, more adult language):

John Candy's Del Griffith has been on Trains, Planes, and Automobiles and is out of cash. With nothing but a box of shower curtain rings he's going to talk his way to closing enough to get home. Includes classic 80's soundtrack and hairstyles:


In an unbridled show of shameless self promotion I'm including this Glance video on how not to cold call. Although this may appear to be humor and holiday cheer, it's really just a stunt to get you to check out Glance for Salesforce.com. If you've ever gone through the hell of being unable to get a prospect to connect to your screen sharing session, or wish you were able to automatically track demos through integration to Salesforce.com, check it out.


Bonus Round 1:

In 2013 you'll be hearing a lot about co-browsing - applying Glance's innovative solution to customer service, so here's something for your friends in Support:

Bonus Round 2:

Although the old joke is "Humor at IBM has always been no laughing matter", I opted against putting one of my favorite tech videos, "The Universal Adapter" here since it's not directly sales. As I was checking out some others in the series I found  one that's now a lot more interesting. The first one to correctly identify the "Yes Man" gets something from the Glance Marketing Closet of cool stuff. If you have any favorite sales videos please let me know in the comments.

Happy Holidays, and all the best to you in 2013!

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