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November 28, 2012

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The Non-Conformist Seller.

I've been to a bunch of sales conferences, they're all the same.

There's some promoter who nervously laughs and shakes your hand in hopes that you won't see through the shell game which they have once again sucked you and 500 (their count) into.

Then there's the speakers, a mix of big company folks who are no smarter than anyone else in the crowd but because they work for mammoth company inc, we're certain they must be. 

We sit on the edge of our seats awaiting clarity and direction, only to find we are doing much of the same. (and in many cases we're the more progressive thinkers)

Of course you have the "consultants" and "industry experts" who chase after mammoth company execs like teenagers after Beiber.

And then there's the vendors, the hair-styled-suit-coated-carbon-copies of one another, ready to pounce as soon as you reach for a cup of coffee.

They hit you with the most predictable lines ever created, yet are certain of their originality.

I sit back and look at the whole charade and realize why the outside world looks down upon so many of  us.

We're a predictable lot.

It's hard to be a nonconformist amongst this peer group, but I believe that's what it takes to be truly successful as a seller or marketeer these days.

It takes courage and intellect to understand that if you approach customers from the non-traditional perspective you have a much greater chance of being successful.

Why do such a foolish thing?

Because customers actually have brains, they know your shtick and the next guys and the gal after that, and they put up with our disingenuous bullshit constantly- so when the real deal, the honest human comes into their over pitched world, it's like a breath of fresh air.

I'll never understand why 99.9 percent of us engage conversations so wrapped around our corporate scripts that we refuse to listen to our human instinct and just engage in a straight forward conversation? 

I think it's because down deep we're afraid to fail, and know if we remain inside our programmed robotic sales shell, well then, it's easier to take. 

I mean we're just supposed to follow "the program" - right?

Wrong, very wrong. Don't follow the program.

Here's a news flash, in todays real time, social-mobile-world, the program doesn't work. In fact, tell your boss his program sucks.

Once you free "your creative seller" from the box its trapped within, you'll be amazed with the result. 

But don't trust me - just do me a favor - trust you.

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