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July 05, 2012

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What can sales professionals learn from teens?

Jill Konrath talks about today's "crazy busy buyers". At a recent conference, one enlightened speaker leveraged his 16-year old's cell phone bill as justification for future business strategy. What's the connection?

The 16-year old's cell phone bill has a minutes usage of 0. Nada, zip, nil. When was the last time you were able to hold much of a conversation on the phone with a teenager? They don't talk on the phone. They text, they update their facebook status, they tweet, they don't talk (at least not on a device!)

Why not? Because they're doing other stuff, and when something crosses their mind, they take action, on their time. And then, because their friends think exactly the same way, they get answers at their FRIENDS' convenience. Immediacy occurs face to face, the majority of other interactions are time-shifted.

Jill's crazy busy buyers share similar characteristics. They don't answer the phone.  You have to find them on their time, at their convenience. When you do have their attention, you've got to make the most of every second:  be well-versed in their business, understand and articulate your value proposition, be relevant and address their issues, bring value not distraction.
People think in 3's;  remember SSR:

  • Simplify your message, your value and your interaction with customers
  • Speed nobody has enough time, and nothing is more frustrating than wasted minutes even "just a few".
  • Results: enough said.

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