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June 18, 2012

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What If I Could Show You?

Recently, I’ve tuned into a number of articles about the “millennials” and “Generation Y” sales reps. They’re being measured and categorized and studied as if they were a product being launched into the market. Well, in a way, they are.

One thing is clear… they will do what works. And they’re not afraid to try new things to figure out what works. At a division of Reed Business, one such young sales rep has transformed a whole sales process, and all he was looking to do was close more business and improve his own performance! Click the video below for the full story as told by his Chief Customer Officer, who describes the transformation as bringing the ability to "really understand what was going on when we demonstrated our.. service."
Could you improve YOUR sales process if you knew:

  • How long are the sales demos?
  • Who’s doing the most?
  • Map that to their sales performance… AND
  • Understand the drivers of success


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