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November 07, 2011

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Easy Drawing Tool for Mac Users

We know that many of our users would appreciate being able to draw on their screens during a Glance session.  While this is not a current feature of Glance, it can easily be integrated with free software.  We've done some research, and discovered a tool for Mac users called OmniDazzle made by the OmniGroup.  Just like Glance, OmniDazzle is always on, always ready, and available in an instant.  

OmniDazzle takes a spot in the Menu Bar right next to Glance, with which you can choose different tools.  While some of these are more of novelties than tools, they don't interfere with the usefulness of the product.  

With the "Scribble" feature selected, you can start annotating with a simple hotkey ctrl-1. Numbers 1-4 can be used for different colored pens.  ctrl-` (backquote key next to 1) immediately erases any marks and puts you back in control.  That's it!

Screen shot 2011-11-09 at 10.43.56 AM

Another feature of OmniDazzle is "Focal Point" that calls out whichever window is active.  The background is faded out while your active window is highlighted with a blue border.  You can't miss it.

A "Zoom" feature can magnify any spot of the screen up to 2x by drawing a quick box around it. Use it to manually call out specific items during a presentation.

Among the playthings are special effects, such as ripple waves, a sonar to detect your mouse, comic onomatopoeia (BIFF!  ZAP! POW!) popping on your screen, a footprint trail, and my personal favorite: Pixie dust.  Your mouse trails a shower of yellow sparkles that glitter your screen.  So, just like a smartphone, OmniDazzle makes for a very useful toy. Enjoy!

-Scott Baker

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