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June 16, 2011

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Making Chatter Matter: Glance Launches Integrated Demo and Support Session Tool for salesforce.com’s Chatter

Free add-on to Glance for Salesforce alerts Chatter users about real-time demos and support sessions occurring with the people, prospects and customers that matter most

Boston, Mass. – Cloudforce Boston – June 16, 2011 – At today’s salesforce.com Cloudforce Boston event, Glance Networks (http://www.glance.net) launched Glance for Chatter, a new add-on to its Glance for Salesforce solution that automatically alerts Salesforce users via Chatter whenever impromptu, collaborative selling and support sessions happen with people, prospects or customers they follow.

Glance provides the only instant screen-sharing technology that’s integrated with popular customer-facing applications, such as Salesforce, to help companies measurably improve sales and service interactions.

Glance for Salesforce lets sales and support reps launch sessions simply by clicking a Glance icon that appears on every lead, account, opportunity, contact, case and campaign object.  The deep integration allows Glance’s Cloud Service to automatically track and store session activity, enabling accurate real-time reporting, dashboards and analysis. Now, companies have the option of adding Glance for Chatter.

“Social enterprises that already leverage the Force.com platform and Chatter to facilitate swift communication among team members can really benefit from Glance for Chatter,” said Tom Scontras, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Glance.

The innovative service automatically posts an update each time a demo, online presentation or remote support session begins. The notification includes a link to the session, which Chatter users can click to join from any computer, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, iPad, Playbook or other mobile device. 

“People understand the great potential of Chatter,” said Scontras. “We are extending that value by informing the right people at the right time that an event is taking place.  And now they can join those conversations – instantly.”

Glance will demonstrate Glance for Chatter publicly for the first time at today’s Cloudforce Boston event.  Organizations interested in evaluating the integration can schedule a 14-day trial by contacting Glance Networks directly at +1 617-834-4454. 

About Glance Networks
Glance provides the first on-the-fly-demo tool that enables users to launch impromptu sales and support sessions instantly with one click. Designed to foster relationship building in a Sales 2.0 world, Glance solutions are used by thousands of companies worldwide to enhance productivity, shorten sales cycles, reduce costs and close more business. Learn more and sign up for a free trial at http://www.glance.net.

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