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April 22, 2011

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Inside or Out?

A friend of mine called me this morning with some tough news; he lost his job.

This particular outside sales professional has been in the enterprise software space for nearly 20 years - always a top producer - always.

After the first few minutes of justifying his situation - "they don't know what they’re doing, the place is completely screwed” -  he came to the real story.  

The story of not being able to get his head around the fact that large enterprise sales models are shifting - an argument he lost with his CEO a visionary who sees his selling process being integrated into a dynamic set of teams where members have equal deal control and influence - including those wearing headsets; equipped with technology.

His plea made it difficult for me to answer when he asked what Glance does.

I told him that we were an impact player within the ongoing sales 2.0 evolution, one of several great tools which help modern day sales professionals engage todays socially influenced, dynamically driven customer 2.0. 

Dead silence, followed by laughter as he suggests; "You should hire me."

"Why?" I asked.

"Because I'm a living, breathing case study of the market, and an example what happens to those who cannot , or simply will not adjust."

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