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March 09, 2011

New Glance 2.6 Features Available to all!

Attention Glance fans - the wait for is over! Download Glance 2.6 today to take advantage of the new features. 

Show my screen is here for guests!

Hosts no longer have to start a new session to see a guest's screen. This feature is also ideal if you have a co-presenter in your session. Here's how it works:

PREP: A Session Guest who will need to show their screen, visits the Glance guest page at  http://glance.net/guest. Have them click the "here" link to run the Glance 2.6 guest installer.

Only guests who need to show their screens during the session should visit the Glance guest page first. The rest join your session by visiting your Glance Web Page.

START: Start the session from the Glance 2.6 "G" icon and ask all guests to join your session by going to your Glance Address in their web browser.

SHOW! All Guests who have run the Glance 2.6 guest installer, will have a "G" icon in their system tray now too. When ready, ask the guest to click the "G" icon and choose Show my screen from the menu. Everyone connected to the session will see their screen.

Make a session open for all. 
For quicker session connections, choose the new "No Key" option. It allows you to start a session that doesn't require guests to enter a session key. It's great for larger, longer webinars and training sessions where you can't talk to all the participants. Choose this in the "Options" tab of Glance Settings.

Collect guest contact info. It's your option now. 
On your Glance Web page, there are three optional fields: Name, Email, Phone. Now you can make any of these fields Required or Hidden. Set these fields in the "Options" tab of Glance Settings, and the Glance Web page will reflect those changes on your next session.

The new My Account area now gives you more control.
Log in to the new My Account area in Glance and you'll see a few more items.

There's an audio Tab to tell you your free Glance Audio Conference info and exclusive access code. You can see Activity details and even download that info to a spreadsheet. You can even change universal settings for all the subscriptions in your group. 

Ready to get started?

1. Go to http://www.glance.net/beta and click the "Here" link in the "How to Get It" section.

2. Run or Open the GlanceSetupI26.exe file (Save if necessary and then run the Glance Setup application.)

3. Run the Glance 2.6 Setup Wizard to install. (Your screen may flicker if Glance 2.5 was not already installed.)

4. If necessary, enter your Glance Address and password.

• Installing Glance 2.6 will overwrite any previous version of Glance installed on your PC.
• This is a PC only release. We hear you Mac fans and we'll let you know when there is a Mac version to test.
We still want your feedback! 
Please e-mail us at glance@glance.net or call 1-877-452-6236 if you have any questions or comments.