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January 13, 2011

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Stuck in the #Snowpocalypse? Keep Working From Home With No-Brainer Screensharing Tools

With snow reported in all 50 states in te U.S. this week, and the #snowpocalypse  (don't blame me, that's what they now call 'blizzards' on Twitter!) hitting most of the East Coast, many of you got stuck at home, either taking care of kids home from school, or literally snowed in by unplowed roads.

Miss a day of work?! Not you! You've signed for Glance or another screen sharing service, and you just keep on working, meeting, managing, pitching, selling, demo-ing, implementing, presenting, collaborating, executing, accomplishing, producing, achieving...and, killin' it!

Yesterday, one of our favorite Glance customers, Derek Dean of Reed Construction Data, a division of global information solution provider Reed Elsevier, sent me an email that said simply, "Glance is a lifesaver for us right now! All our reps are working from home." Derek and his reps are stuck at home in an still-icy Atlanta, but still working, thanks to Glance's easy screensharing and demo tool (and now integrated within Salesforce). Thanks, Derek! We love feedback like that!

I'm no weather forecaster, but I can safely predict more snow this Winter, so why not get prepared and sign up now?! If you have never tried screensharing, its cloud-based software (i.e., no downloading required) that allows you to share anything and everything that is on your computer screen, with one or more people on their computers, regardless of where you all are -- in other words, you can work or meet together even if you're not in the same place. If you're still unsure, try it free first for a week.

Once you try screensharing, its hard to go back (that was my own experience).

Until the next snowpocalypse,
Carla Gates, Director, Marketing, Glance Networks

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