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January 31, 2011

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Customer Success Story | Glance for Salesforce Shortens Project Cycles and Improves Service Delivery for The Bridge Group, Inc.

“The Glance for Salesforce app is a really straightforward way to conduct ‘business as usual’, but with the added bonus of reporting, for better analysis of Sales team activities.”

-- Matt Bertuzzi, The Bridge Group, Inc.

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Matt Bertuzzi
Manager, The Bridge Group, Inc.
The Bridge Group, Inc. specializes in building, expanding, and optimizing inside sales strategies for smart B2B technology companies.

Matt’s Business Challenge

Since The Bridge Group sells consulting and strategy services to Sales and Marketing leaders in technology companies around the country, the team spends a fair amount of time presenting to clients and prospects over the phone.

So, Matt needed a way to quickly start up screen sharing sessions to put a “visual” to his phone conversations and presentations. Unlike other complicated web conferencing tools that can take minutes (or longer) to launch, Glance’s screen sharing tool is built for quick, effortless start-up on the part of the session host and guests.

In addition, Matt needed a way to “tie his session activity to context”, in other words, to track the quantity and quality of the time he and his team were spending presenting and selling to clients and prospects, with the ultimate goal of increasing sales process efficiency. He had questions like “How many presentations, sales calls and demos were we giving per week? Per client? Which clients seemed to need the most attention? Which colleagues needed extra support?”

Since Matt spends his days inside Salesforce.com, he wanted to use an AppExchange app to answer these questions.

Here’s where Glance for Salesforce comes in. Matt downloaded Glance for Salesforce from the AppExchange and once installed, began launching his screen sharing sessions with colleagues and clients directly from within Salesforce. Now, his Glance for Salesforce dashboard provides critical insight into how demo and service sessions are impacting his teams’ productivity.

How Glance Helps

Matt likes the way Glance’s Salesforce app is a “straightforward way to conduct business as usual, but with the added bonus of reporting, for analyzing team activities.” He also likes the way Glance integrates with the Salesforce.com’s Event Scheduler to help arrange his online meetings and presentations.


“With Glance for Salesforce, we’ve really been able to become more productive”, said Matt. “Internally, the ease of launching on-the-fly meetings has ultimately shortened our project cycles and improved our service delivery.”

Watch our video and see how Glance for Salesforce works!

-- Carla Gates, Director, Marketing, Glance Networks

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