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January 05, 2011

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Announcing the FASTEST screen sharing session start-up ever! (Say that 5 times fast!)

Fastest screen sharing session start-up ever! Fastest screen sharing session start-up ever! Arrrgh. Already I'm tongue-tied!

What it really means is that with the new Glance 2.6 beta, Glance users can now start their online demos, presentations, and meetings with just a simple browser address - for example, mine would be carla.glance.net. That's it. Really. If I were doing a web demo with you right now, I'd tell you to go to carla.glance.net in your browser. No additional keys, password, first born son, nothin'!  And you'd be connected instantly to my session, looking at what's on my screen. Now, THAT'S FAST.

(For users who prefer the extra security of a session key, that's still an option when starting a session).

Glance 2.6 beta has other cool features, too.

  • Now, you can switch screen sharing between presenters and guests, so you both can see each other's screens, if necessary. This feature is also ideal if you have a co-presenter in your session.
  • Collect guest contact info, at your discretion. On your Glance Web page, there are three optional fields: Name, Email, Phone. Now you can make any of these fields Required or Hidden.

If you're already a Glance customer, just go to http://www.glance.net/beta to get started. We'd love to get your feedback as you use 2.6 beta.

If you're not a Glance user yet, get a free trial by clicking the green button at the top of this page, and then ask to switch to the 2.6 beta.

If you have any questions or comments about Glance 2.6 beta, call our Test Coordinator, Jorge, at 1-877-452-6236.

(Initially, this is a PC only release. But you can also download the latest version of Glance 2.5 for Mac.)

-- Carla Gates, Director, Marketing, Glance Networks

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