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October 26, 2010

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AssistiveTek Provides "Just-In-Time" Tech Support With Glance

Recently, a great review of Glance for tech support appeared in Brian Friedlander' blog, Assistive Technology.  Brian is a well-known Mind Mapping and Educational Technology Consultant at AssistiveTek, LLC, Associate Professor at College of St. Elizabeth, and a long-time Glance customer.

Supporting his base of education-industry clients remotely, Brian says Glance helps him provide on-the-spot technical support, when "the software guide isn't enough".

Here's the text of Brian's article...


"During the course of a week, I am spending more and more of my time working with teachers, providing them with professional development on various assistive technologies that can be implemented in the classroom. http://assistivetek.blogspot.com/

For many of the teachers that I work with this is their first encounter with many of the assistive technologies that are being introduced. Not being on site, I often leave access to software guides and reference materials on my Google Site for the teachers to access- should they need help. There are those times when these materials are not enough to pinpoint a particular issue and technical support is needed.

Just last week I received an email from a middle school teacher who was puzzled why the software was not  working as she had anticipated. Rather than emails going back and forth, I set up a time for her to speak with me as well as a link where I could see and remotely control her screen. As part of my services to schools, I offer "Just in Time Training and Support." Using Glance, an easy to use screen sharing tool, I was able to email the teacher a link so that when we spoke I could see her screen and take control of her computer.

Once we connected on the cell phone and I started the session I was able to see the teachers screen and she was able to walk me through the steps so that I could see the process. While doing the screen sharing - the teacher realized that she had left out a step which could explain why the program did not work as expected. We quickly went through a new scenario and added the missed step and all of the issues were quickly resolved. What would have taken weeks to solve was handled in 5 minutes using Glance.

Glance has become an indispensable tool which I use for doing webinars and for providing on the spot technical support. If you are looking for "Just in Time Technical Support" for your assistive technology program,

let me know, and I would be glad to send you a proposal. In the end the teacher was up in running in minutes and now is confidently going back into the classroom and using the software with her students. Without this support the teacher would have put the software aside until I had our next scheduled training session."

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