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September 26, 2010

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"Don't Be That Guy" [VIDEO] | Close the Deal the RIGHT Way

Although outsiders think it’s easy, it’s not; great selling requires intellect, discipline, hard work, and a boat load of courage.
At Glance, we get your world, we have lived it, and continue to live it every day; a Sales 2.0 company built on deep Sales 1.0 experience.
I guess that’s why we didn’t have to work too hard to come up with “Steve” our fictional Salesman, or should I say semi-fictional.  Most of what you see in our latest set of “Don’t Be That Guy” video series comes directly from our own gaffs; those that at the time were painful, but now, crack us up.
So whether beginner or wily veteran, we give only this advice, learn to laugh at yourself, or at least, at Steve. Enjoy.

CLOSING... Don't be THAT guy...It’s quarter end and you’re on the phone negotiating the one deal that will put you over the top. The pressure is on, but you don’t panic. Like thousands of other sales professionals, you fire up Glance to show your final proposal, point out key incentives, and close the deal.

Check out the other videos in our "Don't Be That Guy" series (and pass on to a friend who needs a laugh today!)

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