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March 25, 2010

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The best pay: Kind words from customers

As an entrepreneur, you wake up one day all excited about some oddball idea -- one of those "Wouldn't it be great if..." inspirations.



You look to find a few folks who share your enthusiasm. Together, you work and work and work to get an initial version up and running.


And then... if you're one of the lucky ones... the really big payoff finally happens.  Customers you've never met take time out of their day to say something completely unsolicited and remarkably kind about what you created.


We've been fortunate to enjoy that experience many times over here at Glance.  


I remember the epiphany Carla had a few days after coming on board to help us with marketing.  I had just forwarded another happy customer email to the team. She turned to me and said, "I just can't believe our customers. They simply love Glance!  No one ever said they 'loved' the bank I used to work at."


This morning's email box held another delightful gift to us, one that I'd like to share with you. This kind of note really makes our day.

Hi Folks,


When you run a business that really does a good job, people usually don't give you the praise you deserve; they just take you for granted.  So, as a small business owner, I thought I'd pass along a quick story.


Our [audio] conference line vendor's service has gotten so bad that we are now forced to find another vendor.  Our office manager went looking about for a replacement and ran across one that does both online conferences and telephone conferences so she sent out a company-wide email inviting people to attend a meeting where the prospective vendor would demonstrate their product.  She also set off a bit of a firestorm - people were literally *mad* at the idea that someone might even *consider* giving up Glance.

From the support dept:



"From a support point of view I do not want to lose Glance. If we move away from Glance for conferencing I would want to keep a Glance account for support. It is a great tool which gives me the ability to easily view and control remote computers."


From customer support:


"I really like glance... why are we considering changing??? We just need a new phone line asap. "


From sales:


"We have no intentions of leaving Glance."


Finally - from me, trying to calm fears and keep everyone from jumping all over the office manager:


"We're all big fans of Glance so we aren't really considering a change there at this time."



I almost had to laugh at just how strongly people felt about this.  I didn't of course, I was too busy calming everyone down.  Keep in mind that no one was writing a "testimonial" on behalf of Glance - these were all people just defending their work and speaking from the heart.


So...to everyone at Glance: Keep up the good work!








This is a good day

-- Rich Baker, CEO & Founder

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