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March 17, 2010

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Customer Success Story | SelectRISC Uses Glance to Demonstrate the Power and Capabilities of Their System

A Glance Customer Success Story

WhoSelectRISC uses Glance
John Cook
President, SelectRISC

About John
John’s approach to business is, “Old school values delivered by new school technologies.” John’s company is in the business of financially protecting family possessions during relocation. Families often experience financial and emotional stress when they move. The ability to provide insurance with a reassuring personal touch is critical to his success. And while it may seem counterintuitive, he believes that technology is pivotal in enabling him to deliver that personal touch. 

What He Sells
SelectRISC’s sales reps offer employee relocation insurance for corporate and government-sponsored moves. It protects families’ possessions all the way from packing through unpacking. John typically does sales demos to the Relocation Departments of large organizations, or to outsourced relocation management companies hired by organizations.

SelectRISC provides the fastest possible claims resolution with its state-of-the-art online claims center. “Damage and loss are frequent occurrences, even with the most careful movers. There’s a lot emotion attached to those things that are lost. When that happens, employers feel that they have failed their employees. That’s where we offer a solution,” said Cook.

John’s Sales Challenges
Moving companies often bundle property protection schemes into their moving packages, marketing them as “free insurance.” But the plans are often not insurance policies at all, often the protection is extremely limited.

“It’s hard to compete against free,” he said. But John almost always wins the battle if he’s able to show prospects his three key differentiators, during a sales demo:

1) The comprehensiveness of the coverage,
2) The personal touch he provides for each client, and most importantly,
3) SelectRISC’s cutting-edge online claims system.

 How Glance Helps
John uses Glance to demonstrate the power and capabilities of his system to prospects on the Web. “We recently were asked to quote a project for a large brand-name manufacturer, which I did from my remote Texas office to a roomful of top executives and risk managers in the boardroom of their Chicago headquarters,” he said. “They asked me to present using their corporate web conferencing tool, which failed miserably. So I instantly fired up a Glance session and saved the day.”

“We had tried a few other web conferencing tools in the past, but they were unreliable and constantly let us down, which could hurt business. Glance, by comparison, has been rock-solid reliable since the first time we tried it,” he said.

In addition to being a sales enablement tool, SelectRISC uses Glance as a team collaboration tool for product development.

SelectRISC has slashed its travel budget by more than 50 percent using Glance, without sacrificing the company’s hallmark personal touch. He’s found prospects prefer the time-saving convenience as well.

“My customers are time-starved executives. With Glance, I can be more respectful of their constraints and show them how our system works in real time without overstepping my welcome. It’s fast, simple and gets the job done without getting in the way,” he added.


About SelectRISC
SelectRISC is all about protecting families exposed in corporate relocation to the financial and emotional costs of loss or damage to their most personal possessions. We do this by using our industry leading experience to arrange the very best insurance coverage and "old school service" we would provide to our own families.

About Glance
Glance is a simple, quick-connecting screen-sharing tool designed to help sales pros maximize every conversation within all steps of the sales cycle; prospect, demo, close and support. The Arlington, Mass.-based Company’s technology is used by thousands of companies worldwide. For more information, or to sign up for a free, 7-day trial, visit www.glance.net or call 1-888-945-2623.

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