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March 16, 2010

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Customer Success Story | Glance Has Increased CabConnect's Customer Acquisition

A Glance Customer Success StorySteve Michel uses Glance

Steve Michel
VP, Sales & Marketing, CabConnect

About Steve
Steve has a long history of bringing “old school” businesses into the digital age. In his latest venture, he aims to revolutionize ground transportation organizations (like cab companies, transit authorities, etc.) with technologies that let them operate more profitably, efficiently, and eco-friendly.

Steve Michel Uses Glance What He Sells
CabConnect’s software suite includes electronic payment systems, GPS services, driver cashiering and personalized card-swipe programs. Cab companies offer the service to businesses who provide corporate-funded transportation for employees and guests, while getting a better grip on transportation expenses and cost cutting. Transit organizations such as the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) use CabConnect for its paratransit taxi debit card service, eliminating customer fraud, while delivering a better user experience. CabConnect coordinates and manages all the back-office resources and functions of busy transportation companies. 
Steve’s Sales Challenge
Steve struggles with the inflexibility that can characterize ground transportation companies. Most believe the business processes and systems they’ve implemented over the years provide their differentiation, and an off-the-shelf solution like CabConnect can’t improve or address their unique needs.
Steven also faces stiff competition from larger, older transportation software vendors offering traditional “point products” that address a specific function, such as taxi cashiering.

How Glance Helps
With Glance, CabConnect is no longer dependent on sales materials, videos and slide shows as the door opener for new prospects. Using Glance, Steven’s sales team can show skeptical prospects the real thing, demonstrating in real time exactly how CabConnect’s suite of software tools work together to solve business problems in a real-world environment.

Glance also enhances CabConnect’s team selling model. “Recently I was in a sales situation where I needed to bring in one of our engineers to handle the technical part of the demo. Even though I was in Chicago, he was in Cleveland and the prospect was in California, Glance enabled me to hand him the baton without any disruption to the presentation’s flow,” he said.

Steve also uses Glance for training, which he believes is one of CabConnect’s competitive advantages.

Glance has benefited CabConnect in three key ways, Steve said:
1.    Reduced travel costs;
2.    Improved customer acquisition; and
3.    Increased customer retention.

“Glance is the most intuitive, easiest to use and most effective way to bring the client into your point of view. Prospects don’t have to install software and muck around with software. They don’t have the patience or time for it. With Glance, it’s not an issue.”

“Glance has definitely increased our customer acquisition and throughput. We can now reach customers no matter where they are located, both on the fly and at their convenience. And we can enhance the customer service experience by using Glance to provide instruction and hand-holding,” Steve said.


About CabConnect

CabConnect is a technology company whose goal is to improve operations for ground transportation companies. Cabconnect offers an all-encompassing software suite of products designed to coordinate and manage all the resources, information and functions of busy enterprises
The company helps transportation companies, no matter what size, operate more profitably and efficiently. CabConnect has taken advantage of the latest technologies and have developed key strategic business partnerships to offer customers a system of management software that will give them the technological edge and level of service that is necessary in this competitive and budget-conscious environment.

About Glance
Glance is a simple, quick-connecting screen-sharing tool designed to help sales pros maximize every conversation within all steps of the sales cycle; prospect, demo, close and support. The Arlington, Mass.-based Company’s technology is used by thousands of companies worldwide. For more information, or to sign up for a free, 7-day trial, visit www.glance.net or call 1-888-945-2623.

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