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March 17, 2010

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Customer Success Story | Glance Saves HubCast Big Money

A Glance Customer Success Story

Devin Golden Uses Glance Who
Devin Golden
Vice President of Sales, HubCast

About Devin
Devin’s mission is to revolutionize the way commercial printing is bought, produced and delivered across the globe. His company is blazing a new market category called cloud printing. And Devin believes it will do for marketing collateral what Amazon did for book buying. With the help of Glance, he hopes to turn-on all the big global brands to the ease, cost-savings and eco-friendly advantages of his Internet-powered printing solution.

Quote from Devin Golden What He Sells
HubCast is a digital print delivery network that lets communication professionals get their sales and marketing materials printed anywhere in the world faster, cheaper, and better than ever before.

Devin’s Sales Challenge
Devin is trying to overcome the natural resistance and unfamiliarity that comes with establishing a new market category. It’s not that he has to struggle to convince marketers why they need cloud printing – the value proposition is a no-brainer. He just needs to let them see and touch solution first hand so that they can experience their own “aha” moment. 

How Glance Helps
Devin said that because HubCast is a web-based cloud application, Glance is the perfect, seamless medium for demonstrating the service’s capabilities in real time. “Glance makes it quick and easy for our sales reps to engage clients as part of the sales process. Prospects can see exactly how easy it is for them to get print done on a global basis by showing how HubCast works in a real-world experience,” he said.

Glance has also helped his sales team gain trust from cautious clients. HubCast sells mainly to senior sales and marketing executives whose job includes protecting the corporate brand image. Glance enables sales reps to showcase all the quality controls built into the service to put their mind at ease. 


Devin said Glance’s greatest benefit is its rock-solid reliability and ease of use. He’s used numerous online presentation tools through the years, including WebEx, GoToMeeting, Microsoft LiveMeeting and DimDim, and all have failed him. “Our most recent tool was ReadyTalk, and we experienced malfunctions or problems with it on every sales call, literally. Glance works every time.”

“Glance helps us deliver a better overall customer experience, which leads to higher conversion rates. When we used LiveMeeting for webinars, a third of the people who signed up dropped out because of technical difficulties, or because they didn’t want to download software. With Glance, we’re getting nearly 100% participation with no drop outs.”

Devin said that Glance is also saving HubCast big money. “We’re saving about 30% annually in licensing and management costs compared to the other tools we’ve used. And that’s just the software ROI. When you factor in the business won due to the better user experience and usability, the ROI goes way up,” he said.


About HubCast
HubCast is a technology platform that empowers Communication Services Firms to deliver distributed print for their enterprise clients. We leverage a powerful team, an alliance of partners, and the most advanced digital print technologies. HubCast is a tool that enables modern print communications service providers to help their enterprise clients maximize Return On Communications Investment (ROCI). The HubCast community is creating a market leading exchange for boundary-less growth.

About Glance
Glance is a simple, quick-connecting screen-sharing tool designed to help sales pros maximize every conversation within all steps of the sales cycle; prospect, demo, close and support. The Arlington, Mass.-based Company’s technology is used by thousands of companies worldwide. For more information, or to sign up for a free, 7-day trial, visit www.glance.net or call 1-888-945-2623.

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