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January 31, 2010

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It's Chicken Soup! (yes, I'm talking about screen-sharing)

"Its chicken soup!" That's how my grandmother told you something you were trying to do was (or should be) really easy. Apparently, she thought making chicken soup was easy, and maybe, in comparison to the other more complicated Mediterranean recipes in her cooking repertoire, it was!

These days, I'm the Marketing Director at Glance -- a high-tech start up, that makes the world's easiest screen sharing tool. I'm sure my grandmother would not only say "it's chicken soup!" but she'd be able to use Glance herself (and she wasn't a fan of technology - never learned to drive a car).

Watch our new (really short) how-to video, below, and see for yourself how easy Glance is to use, compared to all those complicated web conferencing services out there that need an IT guy standing by just to get it started. Better yet, test it on your grandmother. And then try it with your prospects, clients, and colleagues, when you do your next sales demo, sales presentation, prospecting, or support call.

Let me hear you say it now, "IT'S CHICKEN SOUP!"

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-- Carla Gates, Director, Marketing

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