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December 02, 2009

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The Sales 2.0 Evolution...From Swiss Cheese to Cheese Whiz

As a seller of a SaaS product here at Glance, we've been part of a real evolution in Sales technique. And as the Marketing and Sales functions are tightly integrated here (in fact, I sit right next to one of our sales gurus, Mike Walsh), I've been able to observe this sales evolution closely.

Our screen-sharing product is lean, nimble, subscription-based, and in the cloud. Our customers are smart, busy sales pros and entrepreneurs. Our selling style therefore, had to evolve. Remember the days of golf, dinners, and multi-month sales cycles? Those may still be appropriate in some sectors, but in the fast-moving, cloud-based, customer 2.0 world we live in, there's a better way.

Herewith, then, our summary of "old-school selling" vs. "new-school selling" (or as we like to call it "swiss cheese" vs. "cheez whiz")...

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Tell us what you think. What has been your own experience in this brave new world of sales 2.0?

-- Carla Gates, Director, Marketing (or "Smarketing", as we're thinking of renaming it!)

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