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December 09, 2009

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Still a Differentiator: Delighting the Customer

CustomerDelight It started with a retweet (RT) on Twitter over the weekend -- @TrishLambert (a Glance customer) thanked Glance in the ubiquitous 140 Twitter characters:

"HUGE THX 2 @glancenetworks 4 handling critical tech issue 4 me at 8 pm! BTW, awesome screen sharing svc! http://is.gd/5cJ6W

And...she included a link to our homepage. This is the best kind of viral compliment a company can hope for!

I asked around the office and found that Glance Account Exec, Mike Walsh, had indeed, helped Trish with a technical issue for a webinar she had scheduled the next day. And he helped her from his home, at 8pm at night. Trish found this unexpected and highly gratifying, and so she tweeted about it.

I recently read a Bain & Co. study that said that while 80% of senior executives believe they deliver superior customer service, only 8% of their customers agree. Ouch! At Glance, we are committed to "customer delight", which by definition, goes beyond "customer satisfaction". To us, customer delight means:

  • living and breathing a company culture of integrity, service, quality;
  • empowering employees to solve customer problems on their own; and
  • giving truly unexpected customer service and experiences to everyone we come in contact with.

Customer delight results in enormous goodwill (which quickly turns viral in this age of social media), and customer loyalty, and sets you way apart from your competition (especially important in a crowded field like ours.)

Try it today and your business will reap the benefits. (Oh, and if you need to contact us here at Glance, I hope we continue to find ways to exceed your expectations!)

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-- Carla Gates, Director, Marketing

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