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December 03, 2009

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Glance Tip: Let Them See Your Smiling Face

No, Glance.net does not provide an official feature for webcam use, but here is a way to do a "video conference" without expensive video conferencing software.  If your computer has a camera connected, there is always a way to wave at your guests. For our Mac users, an easy way is to just load up iChat, click Video at the top bar, and select "Video Preview." For Windows users, you can find a "Video Preview" option from most any instant messaging program.  

"Video conferencing" with Glance.net

As soon as the camera program is loaded up on your desktop and you're running a Glance session, your guests will see your (hopefully!) smiling face!

The frame-rate may not be enough for Monday Night Football, but with our latest Glance 2.5 release, it keeps up about the same as any Skype call you'll ever have.

Give it a try!

-- Scott Baker, Intern

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