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5 posts from November 2009

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November 24, 2009

The 10 Commandments of Sales

I  was having one of those unsure moments the other day, and found  myself in that one and only place where you can can go for guidance and direction, a place which is visited by millions seeking help, the place of light, wanting to repent, looking for the answers that no one seemingly can provide, that’s right...I was at Barnes and Noble.

Specifically, I found myself in the isle which contained “Sales and Marketing Guidance”.  I spent the better part of an hour browsing the labels of literally hundreds of books:“Sales Closing for Dummies”, “How I raised myself from Failure to Success in Selling”, “Soar Despite Your Dodo Sales Manager” et al.  It wasn’t until I actually opened a book and began the forward, which started with the words: “With more then a decade of Sales Success...”  did I realize that I must be a fool.  

As I drove home I thought about my two decades of selling Enterprise Software, and now here at Glance Networks, and wondered if asked, what omnipresent knowledge would I divulge?  With that...my 10 Sales Commandments, from yours truly:  

  1. No means no: If asked for concessions, or about features, or about anything to which you know the answer is no, then that’s the answer; “sorry no”.
  2. Less is More: The Japanese culture says that the quietest man is the wisest.  Think about this the next time you are in a meeting of any sort.
  3. Question Questions: There’s more to every question than meets the eye: never answer a question at face value. Always clarify the question, no matter how simple: “hmm, interesting, why do you ask?”, learn this technique and see your conversations change.
  4. Call BS: if you think clients are “full of it”; call them out early and often, it may be hard at first, but it will save you from chasing bogus deals. 
  5. Deal with Power: do what you need to, be courteous to evaluators, but make it clear to them that nothing can happen until executives meet and agree.  If they say no, then there is no deal in the first place, and if there is, you’re not getting it!
  6. Go GQ (or Vogue): Stay in shape, wear a nice watch and own several pair of expensive shoes.  No one, including IT guys, wants to do business with a slob.
  7. Lose the PowerPoint: if you know your stuff, grab a whiteboard and a marker; roll up your sleeves and engage in a valuable give and take conversation. Or an online interactive demo. This will go miles beyond every cookie cutter Sales Team that follows  your pitch.
  8. Get Over Yourself: if there is a deal on the table (especially these days), don’t bicker with the client, and more importantly don’t bicker internally; get over yourselves and just get the deal done. If you don’t, your competitor will.
  9. Get Personal: It’s impossible to completely understand your customer if you are only meeting in a cube, office or conference room. People get personal with Sales Professionals that they trust and are going to do business with. Get them out for dinner lunch, coffee, or whatever you can.  If they refuse, be worried. 
  10. Don’t Be Yourself: If you are an abrasive person, or shy person, or overly aggressive, or have bad breath, or love to wear too much cologne; or hate to close, or can't demo, or you shake hands like a dead fish, are unorganized, perpetually late...whatever your weaknesses; identify them, own up, and then commit yourself to correcting them.
-- Tom Scontras, VP Sales and Marketing

November 20, 2009

Glance 2.5 Released. 3X Faster and More Social!

Glance has always been the simplest, most dependable way to show people what you're talking about. Now Glance is faster too. Same low price.

Download Glance 2.5 now!

Our new Glance 2.5 for PCs, features:
  • Faster screen updates  (up to 3x faster)
  • Snappy slide transitions
  • Multiple monitor support (click "G > Settings > Options")


  • Optionally collect guests' names and contact info. Your guests will now see 3 new optional fields:  Name, E-mail, and Phone. You can see the information they enter, along with our estimate of their geographic locations, during and after each session. Learn more here.

  • Invite guests to your session via Twitter and Facebook! When you start a session, you'll see 2 new buttons in the Session Info box.  Clicking the Facebook icon shares the session on your wall.  Clicking the Twitter icon tweets a link to it.  Both are great ways to build buzz about about your live events!

Current Glance customers on a PC can download 2.5 from here. No need to uninstall any previous version of Glance. Just download 2.5 and in moments, you're ready to go!

Glance 2.5 can be installed on any PC (Windows 7/Vista/XP/W2K).

If you haven't tried Glance yet, download a free trial today.

- Carla Gates, Director, Marketing

November 18, 2009

How Partnerships Happen (tales from the floor of Dreamforce)

Today on the #30 bus in SF, headed for Dreamforce, Tom and Mike from our Glance Sales Team, sat next to Eduardo Vergara, Director at Innomius Technology of Mexico. Trying not to spill his coffee as the bus lurched toward the Moscone Center, Tom, being the talker that he is, began a conversation with Mr. Vergara, who couldn't help noticing Glance's now-famous "Cold Calls (Don't) Suck" tee-shirt on Tom.Partnership in the making at Dreamforce, San Francisco, today

If you don't already know, Dreamforce '09 is billed as "the cloud-computing event of the year", and Glance, being a cloud-based, sales enablement tool, is in attendance, along with hundreds of other web 2.0 companies, like Mr. Vergara's.

Innomius Technology is a leader in technology development for the Travel Industry. And, Glance has a slew of travel services companies (for example, Exclusive Resorts, Choice Hotels) that use our simple, fast, screen-sharing tool to give their sales a visual punch. Thus...a match made in heaven. And networking at its best -- on the ground, mano a mano.

If you are selling travel services on the net, try Glance.net to give your sales a visual punch. If you need reservation engines, call center apps, or sales admin systems for the travel industry, give Mr. Vergara a call.

And if you are out at Dreamforce today, say "hola" to both of them!

-- Carla Gates, Director, Marketing

November 18, 2009

Have You Been Selling Like a Rookie?

Here at Glance, we like to scan the blogosphere daily for hints, tips, and secrets to great sales processes. Today, I found this post from Doyle Slayton, sales strategist extraordinaire, founder of Salesblogcast.com, on building a championship pipeline.

Doyle urges sales pros to build the pipeline by:

• Living and dying by your CRM
• Being a great listener
• Living and dying by your CRM (oh, did I already say that?)

He explains how to tell if you're still a sales rookie (hint: you don't have to be!), and instead how to act like a veteran superstar. Read on...

Lots of our own customers use Glance every day to enable instant, on-the-fly sales pitches that help build championship pipelines. Try it yourself for free.

-- Carla Gates, Director, Marketing

November 17, 2009

Sales 2.0: It's the "Real Thing"?

I am really excited  about all of this great discussion around Sales 2.0;  the ability to leverage the incredible internet and latest social media to build buzz, generate web traffic, increase trials and drive revenues; while all the time measuring, and analyzing each move your potential customer makes.

This weekend on CNBC I watched a special on Coca Cola; they have produced a new high tech soda fountain which allows consumers to purchase over 100 of their brands all from one machine.

The unit is tied into the net, so in real time the good folks in Atlanta can tell who is pouring what drink, how often, etc.  It’s a long way from when I was a kid mowing lawns in Maine; I think the only person who knew what soda I was drinking was the nice man who ran the country store.

The episode reminded me of the current sales evolution faced by all, in Coke's case the shiny new machine was doing the selling; versus in the old days the nice man behind the checkout counter.

Recently we hosted a Webinar on Glance.net, called “Death of an Outside Salesmen”; it was presented by Steven Harper, CEO of Plan2Win; an automated Territory Plan for Sales Professionals.

In his presentation, Steve spoke of the changing selling and buying climates and specifically called out how this shift has impacted hiring and function of the sales professional;  particularly the strong growth of inside sales model and the drastic reduction of outside sales staff.
Both documentary and webinar are great examples of how we are driving into a world of blogs, tweets, Facebook posts; a time where others, perfect strangers, do the pitching of our own products, and even determine future direction for design, features, price, etc.
The Coke machine is pretty cool, kind of like Facebook or Twitter; but it does make me wonder, will this all stick, or will the pendulum swing back to a time where teenagers sat in the drugstore sharing “the-real-thing”, or possibly when a Salesperson will be required to have the skills of the trade, the ability to qualify, listen, pitch and close?

I’m not sure, but it’s going to be pretty cool to be part of it.

-- Tom Scontras, VP Sales & Marketing