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November 18, 2009

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How Partnerships Happen (tales from the floor of Dreamforce)

Today on the #30 bus in SF, headed for Dreamforce, Tom and Mike from our Glance Sales Team, sat next to Eduardo Vergara, Director at Innomius Technology of Mexico. Trying not to spill his coffee as the bus lurched toward the Moscone Center, Tom, being the talker that he is, began a conversation with Mr. Vergara, who couldn't help noticing Glance's now-famous "Cold Calls (Don't) Suck" tee-shirt on Tom.Partnership in the making at Dreamforce, San Francisco, today

If you don't already know, Dreamforce '09 is billed as "the cloud-computing event of the year", and Glance, being a cloud-based, sales enablement tool, is in attendance, along with hundreds of other web 2.0 companies, like Mr. Vergara's.

Innomius Technology is a leader in technology development for the Travel Industry. And, Glance has a slew of travel services companies (for example, Exclusive Resorts, Choice Hotels) that use our simple, fast, screen-sharing tool to give their sales a visual punch. Thus...a match made in heaven. And networking at its best -- on the ground, mano a mano.

If you are selling travel services on the net, try Glance.net to give your sales a visual punch. If you need reservation engines, call center apps, or sales admin systems for the travel industry, give Mr. Vergara a call.

And if you are out at Dreamforce today, say "hola" to both of them!

-- Carla Gates, Director, Marketing

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