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November 20, 2009

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Glance 2.5 Released. 3X Faster and More Social!

Glance has always been the simplest, most dependable way to show people what you're talking about. Now Glance is faster too. Same low price.

Download Glance 2.5 now!

Our new Glance 2.5 for PCs, features:
  • Faster screen updates  (up to 3x faster)
  • Snappy slide transitions
  • Multiple monitor support (click "G > Settings > Options")


  • Optionally collect guests' names and contact info. Your guests will now see 3 new optional fields:  Name, E-mail, and Phone. You can see the information they enter, along with our estimate of their geographic locations, during and after each session. Learn more here.

  • Invite guests to your session via Twitter and Facebook! When you start a session, you'll see 2 new buttons in the Session Info box.  Clicking the Facebook icon shares the session on your wall.  Clicking the Twitter icon tweets a link to it.  Both are great ways to build buzz about about your live events!

Current Glance customers on a PC can download 2.5 from here. No need to uninstall any previous version of Glance. Just download 2.5 and in moments, you're ready to go!

Glance 2.5 can be installed on any PC (Windows 7/Vista/XP/W2K).

If you haven't tried Glance yet, download a free trial today.

- Carla Gates, Director, Marketing

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