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April 15, 2009

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Is Remote Service The Next Big Thing? It's More Than A Remote Possibility.

In the old days (last year and beyond), tech support services were judged by how often and inexpensively they could get a person to the customer's site to deploy, train and troubleshoot. Oh, how times have changed.

Today, the sign of a successful tech support operation is never having to be there in person

Remote support helps the supplier and customer in countless ways, and is now the new standard. To jump in the game successfully, you need a fail-safe, business-class desktop sharing tool like Glance.

The effects of remote support via Glance on your bottom line can be enormous. Consider how few of the hours of an onsite service tech are actually billable. Time is wasted traveling – and the more in-demand the employee, the more time is wasted!

And even if you get the best person to a customer site with no travel expense (say he works next door), he's tied up all day with one client. With remote support that same employee can help a dozen customers in one afternoon without leaving his desk. More productivity, less waste, everyone wins.

Go remote and get more out of your support employees, settle more incidents quicker, enjoy a drop in repeat calls (since issues get solved the first time), save a mint on travel, and improve customer satisfaction.

Please pass the remote control. The world is going remote. In this economy you have no choice but to join them. However, you do have a choice of how. The quickest, simplest, most reliable way is to get Glance.

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