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4 posts from April 2009

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April 27, 2009

Traditional Web Conferencing vs. Continuous Screen-Sharing? No Contest.

A few years ago, we zigged when everyone else zagged.

Picture 37Companies like WebEx, Microsoft, GoToMeeting and scores of me-too copycats got lost thinking that if "more is better", then "lots more must be even better still."  What began as a simple idea -- "see what I see" -- got smothered in their heavy, complicated, too-often-unreliable "web conferencing" bloatware. 

Glance took a different path. We chose to focus on developing a lightning-fast, business-class screen-sharing service that people enjoy using casually -- a simple lightweight tool instead of a clunky heavyweight application.

Zagging worked.

We quickly found loyal followers in thousands of fast-moving companies who need to easily and reliably share their screens –- or see or control their guest's screen –- in one simple click, on and off, all day long. Meetings, demos, webinars, remote support and collaboration:  all were made easy, all could be conducted on the fly.

Glance is akin to opening a live window to your desktop. Guests see what you see, so they know exactly what you're talking about, in the moment. No fuss, no issues, no ambiguity. Glance ushers in a new era of continuous screen sharing simplicity for all.

I believe too many would-be "Web Conferencers" get frightened by their company's web conferencing applications. They fret about looking bad fumbling around with it in front of others.  Or they worry that their guests will have trouble connecting. So they don't use it.  An unused application provides no value.

But businesses that "glance" enjoy the fluidity of instant screen-sharing.  Because "glancing" is so quick and easy (and reliable!), "glancers" soon become accustomed to using it all the time.  So they harvest the value many times over.

See for your yourself.  Grab a free trial and experience that magic "A-ha!" moment that says you've found a simpler way to get stuff done.

Go on!  Give it a spin.  I think you're in for a treat.

April 15, 2009

Is Remote Service The Next Big Thing? It's More Than A Remote Possibility.

In the old days (last year and beyond), tech support services were judged by how often and inexpensively they could get a person to the customer's site to deploy, train and troubleshoot. Oh, how times have changed.

Today, the sign of a successful tech support operation is never having to be there in person

Remote support helps the supplier and customer in countless ways, and is now the new standard. To jump in the game successfully, you need a fail-safe, business-class desktop sharing tool like Glance.

The effects of remote support via Glance on your bottom line can be enormous. Consider how few of the hours of an onsite service tech are actually billable. Time is wasted traveling – and the more in-demand the employee, the more time is wasted!

And even if you get the best person to a customer site with no travel expense (say he works next door), he's tied up all day with one client. With remote support that same employee can help a dozen customers in one afternoon without leaving his desk. More productivity, less waste, everyone wins.

Go remote and get more out of your support employees, settle more incidents quicker, enjoy a drop in repeat calls (since issues get solved the first time), save a mint on travel, and improve customer satisfaction.

Please pass the remote control. The world is going remote. In this economy you have no choice but to join them. However, you do have a choice of how. The quickest, simplest, most reliable way is to get Glance.

April 08, 2009

Glance's Free Webinar Series Democratizes Best Kept Secrets of Success

We're well-known as the leader in one-click desktop sharing, offering uncommon ease, speed and reliability. But a fortunate few have discovered another valuable Glance offering:  wisdom.

Once a month, the Glance Webinar Series provides insider wisdom (and often times, wit) on timely topics and innovative techniques, offering detailed instructions and real-world skills. Guest-hosts are usually big-name thought leaders, and attendees can follow along, ask questions and participate in real time – for free. 

An April 7th unsolicited followup email from Webinar attendee, Kaitrece F. reads, "Glance Webinars are very tight and extremely well thought out."

They have to be – Webinars are a big part of our story. Many companies rely on us to serve as a platform for their Webinars, web conferences and product demos. In order to provide an excellent Webinar platform, we need to be intimate with the Webinar process.

Interestingly, the most recent event in the series was a Webinar...about Webinars, entitled Running Your Own Webinar: A Step-by-Step Guide for Success, co-hosted by our CEO Rich Baker and Bryan Walkey, president of MeetingZone North America.

Past topics include software sales, company newsletter creation, blog leads, search marketing, web demos and a course on building "Web 2.0 Apps in Minutes." All this free information represents a win-win situation, providing valuable info to attendees, while allowing Glance and guest hosts to engage in meaningful dialogue and make new contacts.

All Glance Webinars are recorded and stored here, and viewing privileges are granted to anyone with an internet connection, plus it's 100% free. The best way to stay in the loop with the Glance's Webinar Series is to join our mailing list or follow us on Twitter.

April 02, 2009

How One-Click Desktop Sharing Provides All-Day Help To DayliteHelp.com

Cynthia provides sales training and tech support for customer relations software, Daylite.

We were glad to hear in her new video that DayLiteHelp.com's customer relations are improved by using Glance.Watch the video!

Cynthia's in Portland, OR, but 95% of her clients are spread out all over the world. In her new video submitted to Glance's Lights, Camera, Savings page, Cynthia maintains that "the only way I can help them is to use Glance, and I use it all day long, every day."

Wow. All day long, every day! Sounds like the difference between a nimble, one-click screen sharing tool like Glance and a complicated web conferencing application like WebEx.

Glance's lightweight, business-class interface allows Cynthia to jump on and off with customers all day long, to "share clients screens, share their mouse, and provide them with real-time training."

"There's just no way I could do this without using the Glance software. So a big thank you to Glance."

Cynthia, there's just no way we could offer Glance's one-click desktop sharing without people like you! So the thanks is all ours. We're happily awarding you with three months of Glance FREE for your wonderful video testimonial.

Same goes for any other Glancers looking to save $150 – simply post a quick video about Glance, and fame, fortune and glory is yours!