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April 02, 2009

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How One-Click Desktop Sharing Provides All-Day Help To DayliteHelp.com

Cynthia provides sales training and tech support for customer relations software, Daylite.

We were glad to hear in her new video that DayLiteHelp.com's customer relations are improved by using Glance.Watch the video!

Cynthia's in Portland, OR, but 95% of her clients are spread out all over the world. In her new video submitted to Glance's Lights, Camera, Savings page, Cynthia maintains that "the only way I can help them is to use Glance, and I use it all day long, every day."

Wow. All day long, every day! Sounds like the difference between a nimble, one-click screen sharing tool like Glance and a complicated web conferencing application like WebEx.

Glance's lightweight, business-class interface allows Cynthia to jump on and off with customers all day long, to "share clients screens, share their mouse, and provide them with real-time training."

"There's just no way I could do this without using the Glance software. So a big thank you to Glance."

Cynthia, there's just no way we could offer Glance's one-click desktop sharing without people like you! So the thanks is all ours. We're happily awarding you with three months of Glance FREE for your wonderful video testimonial.

Same goes for any other Glancers looking to save $150 – simply post a quick video about Glance, and fame, fortune and glory is yours!

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