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4 posts from March 2009

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March 24, 2009

Directory Solutions Group Finds The Perfect One-Click Solution For Software Demos On The Fly.

If you were in the market for directory solutions software like rDirectory or SimpleSync, would you rather sit through a one-size -fits-all automated presentation on the manufacturer's web site...OR experience a one-on-one, personalized web demo conducted by a value-added reseller (and software guru), in real time? Watch the video!

Most of us would choose the latter – and that's exactly what Jerry Welch is offering his customers, with the help of Glance.

For years Jerry's been presenting software products on the fly with Glance's one-click screen sharing, and increasing his bottom line in the process.

Jerry points out in this new video testimonial how "it's nice to have a client on the phone and say ' would you like to take a look.' They ask when I can schedule a presentation, and I typically say how about right now?"

How about right now, indeed. That's Glance in a nutshell!

And with the recent addition of reverse screen sharing, Jerry can view and control his products on his client's desktop. "It just became even that much more valuable," he explains.

And you just became more valuable to us, Jerry! That's why we're giving you three months of FREE Glance service – that's a $150 value – in exchange for your simple video posted to our Glance Lights, Camera, Savings page on Youtube.

Same goes for anyone reading this – post your simple video right now and save big on the tool that's changing the way smart companies do business around the world.

If anyone's interested in rDirectory or SimpleSync, please contact Jerry for a presentation. Chances are it'll also be a great way to see Glance in action.

Thanks Jerry!

March 23, 2009

Webinar presented by two Web Conferencing veterans - "Running Your Own Webinar: A Step by Step Guide for Success", 3/31/09, 1pm ET.

A free Webinar about...Webinars! Offered online Tuesday, March 31st at 1pm ET. Presented by Rich Baker, CEO of Glance Networks, and Brian Walkey, President of MeetingZone. Register today!

This free Webinar is a must-see for ANY small or medium-sized business looking to leverage the powerful new medium of Webinars effectively. 

A Webinar is simply a web seminar -- and today they're a big factor in any marketing mix. Attendees can see your presentations, charts, and more, in real time, from anywhere in the world. This new technology is full of possibilities...IF you've been armed with the right skills.

This definitive training session will explore the Top Ten Things You Can Do With A Webinar, Recruiting Presenters, Registering Participants, Promoting Your Webinar, Preparing Content, Hosting, Audio, Moderating and Presenting, Recording And Posting, and Followup Communications. In one highly engaging hour of learning, attendees will be transformed into "Webinar Pros."

The Webinar is free and takes place on your computer - anyone can sign up, but do it now while space is still available. Sign up and receive a URL and the phone number to join the session in one click.

Register today!

March 16, 2009

New Video – Another Web Conference Bites the Dust!

He Should Have Used Glance.
Another web conferencing meeting bites the dust! Watch!
Presenting a painfully hilarious new video, perfect for anyone who's ever tried traditional web conferencing – or thinking of trying it.

Everything that can possibly go wrong, does, with hapless Sales Guy's WebEx presentation.

Watch , laugh, and pass it on. But remember, it's only funny until it happens to you!

(BTW, this is the work of a really funny guy - Alex Fendrich - Improv actor out of Second City in Chicago.)

Oh, and if you'd like to try your hand at a little filmmaking, submit your simple recorded testimony of why you use Glance, and we'll give you three months, FREE – a value of $150. Submit your video on our YouTube page.

March 05, 2009

What's the number one criteria for choosing a web conferencing provider? Easy.

It all comes down to easy. That's what we discovered this week.

Most would agree that a dry research study is not exactly pleasure reading, but we were grinning ear to ear this week when we read "Why Ease of Use Matters in Web Conferencing," recently released by Wainhouse Research. 

The report reveals that "ease of use" is now the most important criterion when choosing a web conferencingWeb Conferencing Should Be Easy! supplier, ranking above reliability, price, feature set and vendor-supplied support.

Guess that's good news for us. That's not to say we don't also trump the competition in reliability, price, etc., but with our delightful one-click interface, we've definitely cornered the market on ease of use in web conferencing – and that's always been our goal.

The report confirms (with all sorts of statistics) that complicated services can be much more costly and diminish productivity. Snags, problems and learning curves take time, and time is money.

The research shows that ease of use simply equals more use. And, more use means more productivity and more savings.

So which service is the best value for your company? Easy: Glance.