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9 posts from February 2009

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February 27, 2009

Business Intelligence firm demos software all over the world without leaving their office. Now that's intelligent.

Jake Stein, Co-founder of the very impressive RJ Metrics, embarked on a long, extensive process to identify the best tool for his company's screen sharing needs. In this video, recently submitted to our YouTube page, Jake calls Glance the clear cut winner, citing the "ability to start and host a meeting as quickly and simply as possible."Watch the video!

Speaking of quick and simple, in just 67 seconds, Jake earned $150 (three months free Glance service) by explaining why he loves Glance, and you can do the same – submit your simple video today.

Jake gets right to the point in explaining how guests simply log on to a private url (rjmetrics.glance.net) and punch in a unique four-digit session id. Then, as Jake says, "Glance does the rest."

He also points out how wonderful it is to be able to host a session from either a PC or a Mac – "another area where Glance really shines."

"Those factors, and the low cost make RJ Metrics a happy user of Glance," explains Jake.

We're certainly happy to have Jake and RJ Metrics as a customer – and we think their web-based metrics dashboard is super cool. Thanks Jake!

February 20, 2009

High Praise From A Business Operations Guru

Den Smith is famous for helping companies develop focus. We're truly happy to see him focusing on us on our "Lights, Camera, Savings," YouTube page.Watch Den's video!

In this brief video, Den explains how his consultancy uses Glance during online meetings, by taking clients through an agenda and highlighting each item to keep everyone on the same page.

As an operations consultant, Den knows the virtues of simplicity. He chose Glance for its uncommon simplicity and because it's easy for his clients to learn. They just "click a button on the home page and enter a four digit code."

Plus, as Den points out, "Sometimes we're in a warm place, like today, while our clients are enduring a great snowstorm."

Thanks to Glance, Den doesn't need to catch a redeye flight to some snowy destination to make killer presentations. Glance has simplified his life for the better.

Thanks for your video, Den!

February 13, 2009

"ABSOLUTELY AWESOME." – David Williams, Unlimited Web Solutions

Wow, thanks David! Please allow us to return the compliment:

The absolutely awesome video David submitted to our Lights, Camera, Savings! page on YouTube did a great job capturing the essence of what we do. His short on-screen tour of Glance clocked in under two minutes and gets right to the heart of the matter. Watch the video!

In exchange for his efforts, David gets three months free of Glance – that's a $150 value. (Same goes for anyone else who submits a video – easiest $150 you ever made, do it now!)

David, an SEO consultant, mentions that he's familiar with other desktop sharing solutions, but hasn't seen any as simple as Glance. Plus, he points out that his guests don't have to be "super internet savvy," to figure out how to join a session. 

Yep. That pretty much sums up Glance. Thanks again, David!

David's company is based in North Carolina and specializes in "ethical SEO."

February 13, 2009

"Glancing" Into College

When I’m not working for Glance, I sometimes volunteer to help young people froCollege_appm disadvantaged backgrounds get into college.  One evening this past winter, right before the college application deadline, I was talking to Camilla, a young 20 year old woman who was having difficulty getting access to the online application for the college she desperately wanted to attend.  She could see the application on her computer, but she couldn’t input any information online.  She lived 40 minutes away from me, and had only a limited amount of time.

I started up a Glance session with her and gave her remote control of my computer. That took less than 2 minutes. We talked through each part of the application; she filled in all of her relevant background info (which she might have otherwise forgotten to include), and she hit 'submit'.

Last week I got a phone call from an ecstatic Camilla.  “I got in, I got in.  I am so happy.  Thanks for your help.”

Applying to college can be stressful.  For Camilla, Glance made the college application process extremely easy.

 - Robin Baker (Office Manager, Glance Networks)

February 12, 2009

Getting an "A" Without Leaving Your Dorm

We were charmed by a recent video submission to our Lights, Camera, Savings! campaign.

Northeastern University student Bobby is clearly a BMOC – in this case, big man OFF campus.

Graduating from dorm life (and dorm food) to a lovely apartment would seem like a dream come true for any college man.Watch Bobby's video

Of course the one downside would be the long haul to campus to meet with fellow students on collaborative projects.

Bobby points out how hard it can be to coordinate the busy schedules of three or four upperclassmen.

Luckily, Bobby figured out that he CAN have it all. He uses Glance to quickly and reliably get on the same page and plan project logistics with fellow students on-campus. 

We normally think of Glance as a business tool. Thanks, Bobby, for schooling us on the idea that Glance has the potential to improve quality of life and productivity for college students.

Go Huskies!

February 12, 2009

5 Ways Desktop Sharing Increases Sales

  1. Desktop Sharing with Glance Sell software or online services? You can show your product in action, and  highlight its features. No need to rely on customers to install trial or demo software, or navigate  your website on their own. With desktop sharing, its like you're right there next to them.
  2. Seeing is believing. Need to show drawings? Photos of properties? Charts and spreadsheets? Does your product or service sell better when the customer can see it?
  3. Extensive online catalog? Help your customers find exactly the right product quickly.
  4. With just a phone and an Internet connection, take your business from local to global. Expand your reach beyond clients you can travel to visit.
  5. Pre-qualify prospects on the phone with a quick demo or presentation. If a voice-only sales call goes well, take it to the next step with a web demo that sets up and connects instantly. Don't let the prospect go cold with a complex web conference that needs to be scheduled for later.

- The Glance Team

February 11, 2009

We Always Knew Good Service Helps ROI. A New Study Reveals Just How Much.

Outstanding service has always been a labor of love for us. We don't do it because of ROI, but because after years of running Glance we still get a wonderful feeling when somebodPicture 7y uses our desktop sharing product. Good service flows naturally from genuine gratitude.

All the same, we're glad to see a recent Harris Interactive / Right Now study on Customer Service Impact revealing an upward trend in the importance of customer service. In 2008, 87% of all consumers stopped dealing with a company based on a bad service experience. 84% will spread the news of the bad experience via word of mouth.

Ouch. Glad we don't have to worry about that.

On the sunny side, over half of consumers are willing to pay more for better service – even in a down economy. Most respondents said that good customer treatment is the easiest way to get them to spend more on additional products and services.

It's nice to have our bases covered going into this trend. If our service helped our bottom line over the years, we're glad. But either way, we answer live, and on the first ring when you call. Always have, always will.

Not because of ROI, but because we're eager to hear what you have to say.

Of course, we'll take the ROI, too. :)

-Carla Gates

February 09, 2009

3 Months of Glance Free for ANYONE Who Uploads a Simple Video to YouTube About How They Use Glance

Ever dream of becoming a successful filmmaker? Here's your chance. We'll give you three months of service FREE - a $150 savings -- simply for posting a video to YouTube. Your video doesn't have to be anything fancy. Just express a heartfelt truth about how Glance helps you do business. (Of course, we'll accept fancy, too.)

Aside from saving money, you'll be introducing yourself and your business to a wider audience. We'll link to your video from our blog which could help bring you more business and new connections.

Participating is easy.

1. Create your video about how you use Glance. Keep it to under 2 min.
2. Log in, or sign up for an account at http://www.youtube.com.
3. Upload your video to your YouTube account.
4. Go to Glance's "Lights, Camera, Savings!" Group at http://www.youtube.com/group/glancenetworks, and click on "Join this Group".
5. Click "Add Videos", select your video to upload to this Group!
6. Let us know about it at glance@glance.net. We'll take a "glance" at your video (can't wait!) and then give you 3 months off your service.

The sooner you post, the sooner you'll enjoy 3 mos. of Glance - our treat. Lights, camera, savings!

- Carla Gates

February 05, 2009

Cut Costs and Cut to the Chase with Desktop Sharing

Business travel took a nose dive in '08, and for good reason. Travel comes with exorbitant costs. It's  even bad for the environment. And most of all, it's downright unnecessary.

In '08, more companies saw the light about getting it done remotely, and in '09 it's quickly becoming the norm. It took a bad economy to wake people up to the power, beauty and necessity of desktop sharing.

Companies who don't use some form of online meetings this year will be left behind. The math is easy: if you replace even one long-distance business trip with an online meeting or collaboration tool, the amount you save pays for the cost of the service ten, maybe twenty times over.

Now multiply that cash savings by several trips in the course of a year, you get the point – several thousand saved. That's a game changer, folks.

Once you've tried working remotely using desktop sharing, you'll never turn back.