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February 12, 2009

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5 Ways Desktop Sharing Increases Sales

  1. Desktop Sharing with Glance Sell software or online services? You can show your product in action, and  highlight its features. No need to rely on customers to install trial or demo software, or navigate  your website on their own. With desktop sharing, its like you're right there next to them.
  2. Seeing is believing. Need to show drawings? Photos of properties? Charts and spreadsheets? Does your product or service sell better when the customer can see it?
  3. Extensive online catalog? Help your customers find exactly the right product quickly.
  4. With just a phone and an Internet connection, take your business from local to global. Expand your reach beyond clients you can travel to visit.
  5. Pre-qualify prospects on the phone with a quick demo or presentation. If a voice-only sales call goes well, take it to the next step with a web demo that sets up and connects instantly. Don't let the prospect go cold with a complex web conference that needs to be scheduled for later.

- The Glance Team

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Alex's post reminds me of several more ways that folks use Glance.

1) If you're IM'ing someone and need to show your screen:

o Start a Glance session
o Click the "copy this info" link
o Paste the link into your IM

Your guest will get a link like this:

Please click the link below to join my Glance session:


Moments later, he or she will be looking at your screen. Learn more here: https://glance.net/site/support/tutorial.asp#joining

2) If you want the person to also see your smiling face, power up your webcam and put it in "preview" mode so you can see yourself. Your guests will see you too. (When you feel they've seen enough, hide the window!)

Learn more here: https://glance.net/site/support/faq.asp#q148