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January 15, 2009

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Reverse Slam Dunk


The first few months of our new Reverse Screen Sharing feature (as part of the 2.4 upgrade for PCs in September) have been a runaway success.

All manner of businesses are now learning the joys of remote tech support and remote training, and wondering why they didn't do it sooner. The answer is simple: up until now, the technology to do this kind of thing has been clunky, slow, and aggravating. So, they avoided it. (It's kind of like why some people never bothered to watch videos or surf the web on their cell phones, until the iPhone came out.)

In Glance's able hands, reverse screen sharing soars! You see and control your guests screen in one click - so there's no reason to wait any longer. The future of reverse screen sharing has erupted into the present, and its free for all current Glance users, so dive in!

(And if you're currently using one of our big, lumbering opponents, feel free to switch and join the winning team any time.) You can download Glance 2.4 for PCs here. If you're reading this and you don't have a Glance account yet, grab a free trial, and if you're on a PC, you'll get our 2.4 version automatically.

Carla Gates

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Any plans to bring this to Mac users? (You love both, after all!)

I couldn't find the Reverse feature on any of the FAQ pages. I found out about it because one of my staff had downloaded the later version. When I try it the guest computer has to install something, is it the full Glance it is installing or is it just the viewer?

I was a user, then stopped, then started back up again and missed seeing this even in an email. How about a "revisions" faq that tells us the new things on the latest release? This could be the feature that makes or breaks our continued use.


Truth be told, I like my MacBook Pro more than any of the PCs I've owned... (o:

Adding reverse screen sharing to our Mac client is high on our "to do" list. When released, you'll be able to do remote tech support from any Mac or PC to any other Mac or PC, using Glance's super-simple interface.

I don't have a date to announce yet, but stay tuned.


Thanks for trying out our Reverse Screen Sharing feature.

The first time a guest joins one of your reverse sessions, she will be asked to "Run" a small program, which lets her PC show you her screen. Later, when you end the session, she will be asked if she wants to keep it installed. If she does, then the next time she will instantly connect. If not, the software automatically removes itself from her PC, which is the kind of etiquette a "good" remote support tool should always observe.

Installing software for is necessary for security reasons. Otherwise, your guest's computer would be vulnerable to letting others watch or control her screen without her knowledge.

I like your idea about a "Revisions" section in our FAQs or maybe on our download page at http://glance.net/download

Many thanks!