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January 22, 2009

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Hitting the Customer Feedback Jackpot

 Recently we hit the jackpot with J., a random customer of ours who uses Glance for web demos. We sent a standard note inquiring about his satisfaction...and, surprisingly, he came back with a deluge of professional-grade suggestions – the kind of high-level stuff you'd expect from a senior marketing manager of a multi-national tech vendor...or something like that.

Turns out the guy was a Senior Global Marketing Manager of a huge, legendary tech giant, but that's besides the point – we're used to getting great advice from all kinds of people.

The point is that user feedback is as good as gold. And with thousands of users an email away, we like our odds. That's why everyone at Glance, including our CEO (who had the pleasure of initiating the email thread with J.) invests uncommon amounts of time and energy into listening. As far as we're concerned, anything less would be the real gamble. Thanks, J.!

-Carla Gates

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