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November 07, 2008

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Cooking a Turkey in the Dishwasher: Good Idea or Gratuitous Complication?

Every so often I overhear a call where someone is looking for a particular feature that Glance does not offer.   My first instinct is to start mentally roughing out how we would implement a whiteboard or recording or whatever the request is. Sure, it would be fun to add all those bells and whistles to Glance, and some of these ideas will appear in future versions.  But simplicity is our mantra and the reason for our loyal customer base.

In fact, as it turns out, simplicity has not come at the expense of meeting our customers' needs. Often we've been able to direct customers to other products, some of them free, that work beautifully alongside Glance:

  • Marking what's on your screen: Check out Drawhere.
  • Recording screen sharing sessions:  A lot of our customers use Camtasia. It's great, because it doesn't just record your session.  You can use its editor to get it into the form you want. Then export it in any of a bazillion formats to post on your web site or embed in a presentation.

It would take us a long time to catch up to the sophistication these single products offer, and we'd rather focus on perfecting high-quality screen sharing, period.

Cooking tip:  Leave the turkey to the oven this year.

-- Debby Mendez, Glance Networks

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