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3 posts from April 2008

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April 28, 2008

Glance Named Finalist in Dell/NFIB 2008 Small Business Excellence Award

We just received word today that we are one of 10 companies selected as "finalists" in the 2008 Dell/National Federation of Independent Business Excellence Award. We were competing with over 200 companies worldwide.

From the NFIB web site web site:

"Established in 2004, the Dell/NFIB award program honors small businesses that instill the spirit of innovation and apply information technology to improve customer service. Each entrant must show how it has used information technology to drive a significant change or develop a competitive advantage in delivering superior customer value and experience."

This award feels especially relevant on a personal level. We have worked hard here at Glance to use technology to create and deliver a tool that makes life easier for small and medium-sized businesses like us. Using Glance, our customers can demo their products, meet with customers and workers, connect and collaborate online with anyone -- with just a click.

Our vision has been to avoid the slippery, seductive slope of "feature creep," which we feel plagues too many high (and low!) tech products.

A simple tool is an oft-used tool.

Simple tools enjoy a virtuous circle: Simple means there's less that can go wrong, making them inherently more reliable, which gives people the confidence to use them frequently, which makes them valued.

Most web conferencing services work only on PCs.  Glance works on PCs and Macs, and even Linux folks can join sessions.

Most web conferencing services also require that everyone use the same browser technology.  Glance works equally well with several different browser technologies and automatically chooses the best.  So you're much more likely to have everyone connect, so your meetings start on time.

Finally, most services depend upon a single co-location facility.  Glance has completely redundant facilities on the East and West coasts.  Should one location experience a problem, the other is there to keep the service running.

The field of web conferencing services seems to be getting more and more crowded. But I believe our competitive advantage has been and continues to be our unshakable commitment to a tool that remains elegant in its simplicity and valued for its dependability.

Our customers say it best: "Glance's user interface is simple. We simply click to demonstrate our software to anyone, anywhere - reliably and fast." [Tony Mirante, Founder and President, Technicon Ecommerce Solutions]

April 25, 2008

Attention Travellers: There Are No Delays in a Glance Demo

We're Offering a Free Month of Glance Web Conferencing to Frustrated Business Travelers

The past month has visited new levels of pain on weary travelers, leaving them stranded and unable to attend meetings. Recently, the Airline Quality Ratings (AQR) survey reported that 2008 is the worst year since the inception of the survey, and American Airlines cancelled more than 2,000 flights in the wake of FAA inspections on its MD-80 fleet. On top of that, Aloha Airlines, ATA Airlines, Frontier Airlines and Skybus are either shutting down or filing for bankruptcy protection, which means more canceled flights.

These kinds of delays have amounted to a loss in productivity that is nearly incalculable. I've heard reports from recent weeks of more than 300,000 displaced passengers who missed meetings and lost sales. Why put yourself through it?! Our Glance customers eliminate or dramatically reduce their business travel by meeting remotely through Web conferencing.

We wondered what we could do, here at Glance, to help people get out of the travel habit. We figured anyone who’s recently fallen victim to air travel delays has an extra incentive to look at alternatives. So we came up with the idea of offering a free month of Glance to help them experience this change in behavior.

Here's the deal. Any frustrated business traveler can click on http://glance.net/airlinewoe, briefly tell us their tale of airline woe and we'll set them up with a free month of Glance Web conferencing.

It's worth $49.95. (The offer is good through May 31, 2008.)

Web conferencing really can be better than being there. No jet lag. No worries about getting lost. No time away from family and friends.

And you can't beat the price. Parking at Boston's Logan airport for a single day costs more than weeks worth of Glance! Each time a Web conference eliminates a plane ride, you save the cost of the plane ticket, along with lodging, airport parking, car rental, gas -- and don't forget the productivity boost from staying out of lines. The economic payback goes through the roof.

Web conferencing also brings the good-feeling of lightening your carbon footprint. According to carbonfund.org, each time you avoid a coast-to-coast round trip flight, you'll be saving about a ton of CO2!

Our customers use Glance for online presentations, distance training, inside sales, and online meetings.

Guy Thornycroft of Prestwood Australia, one of our customers, explains the benefits of Web conferencing this way: "I used to plan at least one trip a month to demonstrate our company’s software. I used to think that building relationships face to face was vital. I couldn't see how I could sell any software unless I had visited my prospect's office, and knew their business model. Then I was introduced to Glance. What I have learned is that I can find out all I need to know by using Glance and talking to my prospect. I just have to ask more questions. And, I find that because we are both in our own offices and feeling secure during the demonstration, I can be more direct and personal in the questions."

Find out for yourself. Save some dollars. Be greener. And get more done in less time.

April 02, 2008

Using Web Conferencing to Build a Better Business (and Get Your Life Back)

I was recently invited to do a guest article for the Sales 2.0 Blog, which is presented by Sales Gravy. It just got posted.

The article lists my top reasons to build web conferencing into your sales process.

Hint: The titles says it all.