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February 15, 2008

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Mothers-in-law.. a Glance success story..

At MacWorld last month, quite a few people immediately latched onto the idea of using Glance (and our recently introduced remote control feature) to support their relatives with technical problems.   This comes up suprisingly often, even recently in an article Keith Shaw wrote for Network World. 

 It seems to have become a real hazard of having any technical expertise these days.  Everybody needs and uses their computer, but the things are still so complicated with so many little things to go wrong.  Suddenly all your relatives want to talk to you...

It reminded me of an amusing story from an inimitable former colleague at Glance:

From: "Xxxx Xxxx" <____@gmail.com>
Date: September 23, 2007 12:10:49 PM EDT
To: glance@glance.net
Subject: Mothers-in-law.. a Glance success story..

So, it is Sunday morning, and I awoke to a bruised cranium (I'm afraid
last night involved Grey Geese instead of the traditional Grey Goose)
and a call from my mother-in-law. She was in a panicked state that
her email was no longer working, then demanding that I immediately
drive the hour to her house to resolve this issue. I believe you all
remember my monster-in-law stories, so there is no need to elaborate..

After delivering this call to me, my lovely bride grabbed my Mac, a
cup of coffee and the Excedrin. While booting my Mac I had the
"customer" quickly download 2.3. She got a session running, at which
point I asked for the key. Once in, I had her click on that new
fangled remote control button. I then promptly asked her to end the
phone call and leave her office.

The email problem was simple to fix.. she had her smtp and pop3
settings at pop.smtp.com.. I have no clue how she did that, I am just
so pleased that my entire Sunday was not ruined to resolve the issue.

I called the "customer" back to explain the issue was resolved. She
was amazed that I did so in a few minutes while working remotely. She
then added "I guess you will never have to drive to D_____ again?"..
hmmm.. I did not respond..

Thank you Glance...


Now we haven't really designed Glance as a remote support tool (yet...), but some people are using it that way.  And if it can save you an hour of driving or a lost half day of productivity or serious loafing time, that can be worth a lot!

-- Rich Baker, Founder & CEO, Glance Networks

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