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January 27, 2008

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Why We Love JetBlue

Whenever we fly domestically, we try to fly JetBlue.  (When we fly internationally we like to fly Qantas, but you can't always go to Australia.)

And when we fly JetBlue, Ed Hardebeck, our VP Engineering, always make a point of noting the name of our plane.  Look out the terminal window next time, you'll see it there painted on the nose.  And whether it's "Honk if you love blue" or "Devil in a blue dress", it'll usually makes you smile.  Of course one of the ways JetBlue saves money is to fly all the same Airbus A320s, but the name is just one thing that makes a generic experience of getting on what seems a generic aircraft a little more fun.

And JetBlue is like that.  From the seatback video and extra legroom to the blue potato chips and friendly flight attendants, you get the feeling that here you're just a little more than "a body in seat 15C on fare class W without enough SkyPlusAdvantage miles for us to care."

Now I'm sure that JetBlue is as analytically marketing and profit driven as any other company in a hyper-competitive market.  And they have their share of investors and analysts breathing down their necks.  I just think that somewhere at the top they've taken a longer term view. 

I think they know that running a business is not about squeezing the last drop out of the turnip, but creating mutually beneficial experience for their customers.  Their company delivers a service we need, and has found clever ways to make the experience a pleasant one.  We give them our cash and more importantly, our loyalty.  We feel good doing business with them, we continue to do so whenever we can, and we enjoy telling others why.

The same approach been worked for years for major retailers, like L.L. Bean and Lands' End

And that's the way we try to run Glance.  If you need to do a web demo, a sales presentation or a webinar, please give us a try.  And tell your friends.

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